Tom Cotton’s Takedown Of Schumer Is Too Good Not To Share (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on January 14, 2022

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Even with the House, Senate and Oval office, the Dems’ hard-left agenda is hitting some brick walls. With popularity cratering, and midterms looming they are getting desperate.

If they can’t win under the current rules, they want to change the rules in their favor. Having no wins to point to, and no positive agenda they can point to themselves, they’ve trotted out old faithful — a desperate play to recast Republicans as the grave [insert relevant ‘ist’ or ‘phobe’ term here] threat to America.

When Biden isn’t making ridiculous comparisons to Bull Connor or George Wallace (whose endorsement Joe bragged about having received during the Civil Rights era he claims to have been on the right side of — long AFTER Wallace had shown himself on the wrong side of the segregation issue), Biden is looking for ways to undermine authority the Constitution has specifically given to the States.

Here is Joe rambling incoherently about his relentless efforts to push this agenda. Good luck making sense of the final sentence in this clip.

Chuck Schumer, for his part, has been an obedient little automaton for his party. All he needs is a periodic patch to update his latest talking points, and he will quite willingly feign whichever emotion is called for in the latest round of politicking.

What do you need, feigned concern? Reverent solemnity? An alligator tear? Indignant outrage? He’s got it all, just feed him his lines and off he goes.

Being a chameleon as morally flexible as Chuck Schumer comes with a particular risk after spending as much time in office as he has. Sometimes, the best rebuttal for arguments he is giving today is a different one he gave yesterday, as it were.

With an issue as big as ending the filibuster, this is no exception. And Tom Cotton leveraged this fact to a powerful effect.

With great solemnity, and practiced imitation of both the hand gestures and delivery of the original speaker, Tom Cotton delivered Chuck Schumer’s own words to the Senate, entering them into the public record a second time.

There were dire warnings about banana republics and staring into an abyss.

Sen Cotton spoke glowingly of their accuracy, their relevance, their worth, and their wisdom. He revealed that those grand words were not his own, but, in fact, Chuck Schumer’s words when his party stood in the minority rather than the majority.

With an unassuming aw-shucks manner, he all but punched those words straight back down Schumer’s throat… without sullying the dignity of the Senate.

That takes a particular kind of talent.

We think our readers will enjoy it every bit as much as Schumer himself would have disliked it.

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