WATCH: Elderly, White ‘Mask Karens’ Assault Unmasked Black Man While Yelling ‘Black Lives Matter’ In An Elevator

Written by K. Walker on January 25, 2022

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It’s the theater of the absurd, only it’s real life and you can watch it all play out with the magic of the internet.

Scene: An elevator.

Cast: Black man (unmasked) who is not visible except for his hand; Two elderly white women (masked).

Concept: Conflict erupts as neurotic white women terrified of COVID freak out with the idea of sharing an elevator with an unmasked black man.

In a brief clip that has gone viral, two elderly white women are caught on camera assaulting a black man for not wearing a mask in an elevator.

The man was reportedly in the elevator first.

Both sides yell at the other to “Get out!”

As the women flail around wildly clucking for the man to leave, he asks chuckling, “What are you guys doin’? What’s wrong with you?”

One of the women, who bears a striking resemblance to Senator Elizabeth Warren, yells, “Don’t push me! Do not push me! Do not touch me!” At one point, she pulls down her mask to make sure he understands what she’s shouting at him. She then hits the man with one of the two phones she’s holding. The “thunk” sound is audible in the video.

“You just hit me!” the man exclaimed in surprise.

When that garnered no response, he asked incredulously, “Did you just hit me? Did you just hit me? You, too?”

The woman then responds by chanting loudly, “Black Lives Matter!”

The other woman can be seen holding the elevator door open, directing the man to exit the elevator. “Get out!” she said again.

The man refused and said, “Yo, this is racist. Can you stop? Stop! Stop! You need to stop. I’m not getting out!”

It’s a brief clip of intense, unhinged action.

The video was shared on Twitter by the account Libs of TikTok.

It is a time capsule of the past two years all in one 30-second video clip.

Roll clip!

What was that all about? Was she asking forgiveness of the Progressive gods with the “Black Lives Matter” mantra after she assaulted a black man?

COVID has completely broken people and the fault is with the Corporate Media that encourages this kind of behavior with their slanted reporting.

Twitter users responded to the insane clip.

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