WTF? FBI Says Hostage-Taking In Synagogue Was ‘Not Specifically Related To The Jewish Community’ (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on January 16, 2022

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***UPDATE: 1/16/22 1:42pm (EST)***

The FBI has released the identy of the hostage-taker as 44-year-old Malik Faisal Akram, a British citizen.

The identity of the man who stormed the Synagogue was not available at the time of the initial publication.


What kind of bizarre statement is this?!

An hours-long hostage situation at a Texas Synagogue on Saturday concluded with the death of the terrorist and all four hostages alive and safe.

WATCH: Dramatic Moment Hostages In Texas Synagogue ESCAPE Armed Islamic Terrorist

After the situation was stable, the FBI issued a statement late on Saturday.

The FBI claimed that the Islamic terrorist who went into a large Jewish Synagogue on the Sabbath during a service demanding the release of a radicalized antisemitic Islamic terrorist was “singularly focused on one issue” and the hostage-taking was not “specifically related to the Jewish community.”

Congregation Beth Israel is a Reform Jewish Synagogue located just outside of Dallas. The Jewish community in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area is about 70,000 people — one of the largest communities in the state.

Geez, what happened to concerns over anti-Semitism in America?

Is it disregarded when the person committing the antisemitism is a member of a preferred group — which, in this case, appears to be “Islamist terrorists”?

Just look at who it was that the still-unnamed terrorist wanted to be released…

Aafia Siddiqui, the woman who was the stated reason for this hostage-taking, was born in Pakistan but moved to the United States in 1991. She went to MIT and then to Brandeis University where she earned a Ph.D. in neuroscience. She was radicalized after 9/11 and it has long been rumored that she married the nephew of Khalid Sheikh Mohamed who was the 9/11 mastermind.

Siddiqui is currently serving an 86-year sentence for attempting to kill U.S. military personnel in Afghanistan in 2008 after she was arrested in a suspected attack on the governor of Afghanistan’s Ghazni province. While she was in custody, officials found that she had notes detailing plans for a “mass casualty attack” using chemical weapons and dirty bombs in New York at multiple high-profile sites like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Wall Street. They also found two kilos of poison sodium cyanide in her possession.

When she was being questioned by two FBI agents and several members of a U.S. special forces unit, in a poorly-lit room partitioned with a yellow curtain, she grabbed the M-4 rifle of a Chief Warrant Officer and opened fire while shouting, “Death to Americans”. She was behind the curtain and her shot missed, the Chief Warrant Officer shot her with his firearm. As she was being detained, she said, “I am going to kill all you Americans. You are going to die by my blood,” according to prosecutors.

At her trial in 2010, Siddiqui demanded that all of the jurors be DNA tested to make sure they weren’t Jewish. “I have a feeling everyone here is them [Jews], subject [them] to genetic testing,” she said, “They should be excluded if you want to be fair.”

Because that’s totally normal and not at all the sort of thing that an anti-Semitic bigot would say, right?

For years, there has been a push for her release, calling her a “victim of the war on terror” and demanding that the Pakistani government intercede for her release.

A protest calling for the release of Siddiqui was held outside of the Pakistani Embassy in New York in October 2021. The Al Jazeera report paints her sympathetically as a “49-year old mother of three” and a “Pakistani neuroscientist.” The protest was organized by unindicted co-conspirators of Hamas, CAIR, a 501(c)(3) Muslim “advocacy group” that enjoyed close ties with the Obama administration but is suspected to support Islamist movements like the aforementioned Hama, the Muslim Brotherhood, and others.

Terrorists around the world want Siddiqui released it seems.

Siddiqui has long been a cause célèbre in the terrorist world.

She has sometimes been called “Lady al Qaeda,” but ISIS sought her release, as well. She was convicted in 2010 of trying to murder American soldiers and officials in Afghanistan, and her sentencing included a terror enhancement.

Her release has long been sought by militant Islamists, and even mainstream U.S. Muslim groups have said she is innocent and should be freed.

According to a letter made public in 2014, the Islamic State offered to release James Foley, the American journalist who later was beheaded, in exchange for Siddiqui’s release from prison.

In 2012, according to reporting by Foreign Policy magazine, Pakistani officials offered to help secure the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl if the U.S. would release Siddiqui.

Both offers were rejected by American officials.

The nonprofit Human Rights Watch said in a 2017 brief that Siddiqui was also the subject of a release demand by Ayman al-Zawahri, once Osama bin Laden’s no. 2 and the mastermind of many of Al Qaeda’s deadliest terror attacks.

In 2011, al-Zawahri demanded she be freed in exchange for the release of Warren Weinstein, a captured worker with the U.S. Agency for International Development, the New York- and Washington-based organization said.

In 2015, an Al Qaeda publication used her imprisonment to decry the plight of “our prisoners” at U.S. sites, including “the dungeons of the CIA,” according to Human Rights Watch.
Source: NBC News

Of course, dismissing the antisemitism of Muslims isn’t just a thing with the politicized federal law enforcement agency in Washington, it seems to be a problem that comes straight from the White House.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki tweeted about the situation as it was unfolding but left out some key details… like the armed Muslim man chose to take hostages in a Synagogue on the Sabbath to demand the release of a convict known as “Lady al Qaeda”, a radical Islamist antisemite who wanted to commit a terrorist attack in NYC.

Leaving out the details that an Islamist went into a Synagogue during a Sabbath service seems like a pretty big omission from the same administration that is always warning about the constant threat of “right-wing domestic terror.”

But then, this follows the pattern of the Obama administration where a clear motivation of Islamic terror was approached with “wait and see” but other incidents — such as police shootings — could be immediately condemned as based on racism.

So, we’re just supposed to pretend that the Islamist choosing to enter a Synagogue with explosives during a Sabbath service in order to demand the release of a well-known Islamist terrorist who also happens to be a raging anti-Semite was all just a coincidence? And that’s after raising warnings of a rise in anti-Semitism during the past few years?

That’s what the Biden administration seems to want to do.

Meanwhile, this administration is calling parents who go to school board meetings in opposition to alternate history about the foundations of America being taught to kids as “domestic terrorists” and people who want to secure elections racists and segregationists.


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