Biden Just Left Americans Stranded In ANOTHER War Zone …Volunteers Are Fixing His Mess

Written by Wes Walker on February 24, 2022

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In case the public had already begun to forget the horrific failures of this administration to protect the interests of US citizens in Afghanistan… we’re now getting a replay in Ukraine.

If we’re seeing the same mess unfold all over again, can we really chalk it up to a coincidence? Or does the buck actually stop somewhere? spoke with a group of 23 American citizens as they were being transported from Kiev to Romania in two vehicles – a minibus and a car – arranged by Bryan Stern, a 23-year Army and Navy veteran who saved 2,000 people from Kabul last year with his volunteer group Project Dynamo.

Stern collected the American evacuees shortly after 5am from Kiev, while ‘missiles fell from the sky’ around them.

They are now driving the 300 miles to Romania, taking quieter, smaller roads in the hopes of evading Russian troops, fighter jets and the thousands of other evacuees in cars.

The State Department has not been able to provide an exact number for how many American citizens remain in Ukraine but estimates range from between 10,000 to 30,000.

‘There are thousands of Americans and NATO ally-citizens that are left in Ukraine right now and it’s about to be Soviet-occupied Russia,’ Stern, a former Navy Lt. Commander told on Thursday over speakerphone while driving one of the two vehicles in his rescue operation.

‘We’re in the middle of what is probably the first rescue of Americans in the opening hours of World War III.

‘We have 23 people in two vehicles. Everyone’s got a different story. What we have learned is that in these situations, people don’t leave when they should for all kinds of reasons. We don’t really judge and often we don’t ask. — DailyMail

What do these Chuckleheads playing West Wing think they’re doing?

They gave a directive for Americans to get out of Ukraine. Did they happen to notice how few carriers were running? Or what it would cost them to book that travel if they could find a spot?

If Uncle Sam really thought it was a priority, they could easily have shuttled civilians out of there last month before the fighting started, instead of Psaki or the State Department giving bland platitudes that people there really ought to get out of Dodge.

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