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HERO DAD: Parents Are ‘Taking Back The Wheel’ To Stop The ‘Discrimination Revolution’ Of CRT In Schools

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From mask mandates to Critical Race Theory, parents have become a force to be reckoned with at school board meetings. And they’re winning.

A clip from the Cabarrus County School Board meeting on Feb. 14 has gone viral when a self-described biracial, bilingual, multicultural dad gave the most polite warning to his local school board that they’d better not cross parents because they just won’t stand for it.

The speaker was Brian Echevarria, a dad of three who is running for the North Carolina General Assembly.

He began by thanking the School Board members for their service, and for voting for a resolution last year to ensure nondiscrimination in the district amid the controversy of CRT being taught in schools. He then proceeded to remind them that parents will always fight for what is best for their children, and no school board policy will get in the way of that.

“The community, I think we recognize, now the political juice has been sucked out of the mask distraction, that we have to move forward,” said Echevarria.

Echevarria then blasted the premise of Critical Race Theory.

“I’m biracial, I’m bilingual, I’m multicultural. The fact is, in America, in North Carolina, I can do anything I want and I teach that to my children,” Echevarria said. “And the person who tells my pecan-colored kids that they’re somehow oppressed, based on the color of their skin, would be absolutely wrong and absolutely at war with me, and I think that’s the same for every parent.”

Echevarria said that parents are “the most powerful group in the country” who can drive policy changes like the elimination of mask mandates in schools. This happened last week in Cabarrus County when the CCSB voted to make masks optional for students following backlash from parents.

“What the masks showed us is the parents, the most powerful group in the country, [are] taking back the wheel,” said Echevarria.

He said that parents are “taking the wheel back from Washington, all the way to Raleigh and into our local school boards because CRT and all that — parents don’t want it. It’s a big, fat lie.”

“If you believe in CRT, I want to tell you — you are a liar. It means you look at your black neighbor and say they’re oppressed and you look at your white neighbor and say they’re evil regardless of the experience that you’ve had with them. And we’re not gonna do that.”

“The parents in the United States of America — right here in Cabarrus County, we know that’s not true because we believe the lives we live.”

“The fact is, the racism is only happening at the government level and on the media,” says Echevarria.

He also touched on the transgender debate by defending women’s sport. He said that he doesn’t want his 8-year old daughter competing against boys in soccer. He added that he doesn’t allow his sons to “rough up” his daughter. “Do you think I’m gonna let your son rough her up?” asks Echevarria.

“This is what we’re talking about — policy going back to the parents. Because if you think that people who love America are willing to fight for it… you haven’t met parents yet. Because I’m telling you parents will go further down any street than anyone who loves their country alone.”

Here is the school board meeting cued up to Brian Echevarria’s brief but powerful comments.

While it is important to note that the subject of “Critical Race Theory” is not taught in K-12 schools per se, it is an ideological lens through which other subjects are taught. Parents are (rightly) concerned that their children are being indoctrinated to believe that all race plays a role in all social interactions and that white people are inherently racist while black people are incapable of racism because racism has been redefined to include a power dynamic.

It’s insidious indoctrination.

Great to see a hero dad stand up and push back against it.

We need more parents to be hero moms and dads like this.

ClashDaily salutes you, Brian Echevarria!

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