Trucker Blockade At The Border Puts the ‘Popular’ In ‘Popular Uprising’ (VIDEO)

Written by Sir John, Eh! on February 1, 2022

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The left loves a protest, especially when they use their numbers to shut stuff down. So why are they so upset about this particular worker’s protest?

Could it have something to do with shifting power away from the grasping hands of a relative handful of technocrats and elites, and back into the hands of the ordinary citizen?

Truckers on the border between Alberta and Montana have been blockading it for three days.

It all goes back to the vaccine mandates being pushed by Trudeau.

From a trucking site:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is holding firm on a new vaccine mandate that has applied to border-crossing truck drivers since Jan. 15, stressing that similar U.S. rules are on their way.

“The U.S. is moving forward in coming days with an identical mandate to ensure truckers are vaccinated,” he said Wednesday during a media briefing. “We are aligned with them. We know how important it is to ensure the free flow of goods and services.”

…While Canadian truck drivers are currently allowed to cross into the U.S., they face quarantine and testing requirements on their return. The rules block U.S. truck drivers traveling to Canada. —TruckNews (Jan 19)

Of course, there are a few gaping holes in this legislation you could drive a truck through. Where, for instance, is consideration given to natural immunity? If the entire point of the vaccine is to ‘prime’ the immune system with the same immunity a survivor of an illness would have, why would we not take natural immunity into consideration in their legislation … like Europe already does?

More to the point, since the ‘Rona has no problem infecting vaccinated people — even Max-Vaxxed Trudeau is supposedly sitting out with a case of Xi’s Sneeze right now — and since vaccinated people are no less able to spread the virus than non-vaccinated people, what’s the freaking benefit, exactly, of having all these shots? The strongest arguments given in defense of them always seem to come back to severity. Even those arguments might have carried more weight before we had cycled through to the less-severe Omicron variant.

Needless to say, truckers have a lot at stake. Two short years ago, they were the COVID heroes, mucking about in the real world and keeping our shelves filled and gas stations supplied so that Uber Eats could deliver dinner to the Work-By-Zoom types.

Now those same Work-By-Zoom types are demonizing truckers fighting for their rights as ‘hateful’ or ‘bigots’ or ‘violent’ … without any evidence to back it up.

They were expected to show up for work before there WAS a vaccine. If they caught it, and got seriously ill, they were ‘just’ blue-collar workers, probably voted for Trump, and ‘deserved’ it because they ‘brought it on themselves’.

Suddenly, it’s everywhere, and even the hide-at-home play-it-safe types are coming down with it. How many smug, late-night so-called ‘comics’ have gotten sick since Christmas? Pretty much all of them.

So it makes less and less sense to enforce the Canadian border, especially when Biden is refusing to enforce that OTHER one on the Rio Grande.

Rebel News has been on site, reporting on the events at the blockade on the Canadian side of the Montana/Alberta border.

The most recent summary:

RCMP negotiators have met with a group of around 50 truckers who are blocking the border in Coutts, Alberta.
The truckers are here in support of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa to end all mandates.
The RCMP has blocked all roads into the border town, denying supporters access to food and water.
After three days of blockading, the protesters have opened a lane to let gridlocked truckers, who are not part of the protest, leave. This decision was made in hopes the police would allow food and water past the checkpoints.
The ongoing negotiations have ended on a “part one” basis and will eventually continue, with both sides for a hopeful resolution.– RebelNews

The truckers opened a single lane to let through some who had been inadvertently caught up in the protest and wanted to get home to the US, as well as school busses and emergency vehicles.

Per provincial RCMP’s social media post:

The allegedly ‘conservative’ Premier Of Alberta (their equivalent to Governor) weighed in. Because, of course he did:

But the truckers are getting support even from some who are being directly inconvenienced by it.

Police have established a counter-blockade in which the protesters are being denied food and water. Financial penalties are on the table, too.

According to Rebel reporters Kian Simone and Syd Fizzard, who have been on the scene of the stand-off since late last night, despite a winter storm and near-zero visibility, the protesters have voted to remain. Should they do so, they face fines $10,000 for a first offence or $25,000, as well as jail time. — RebelNews

These ‘dangerous villains’ were faced with a hard decision, and took to prayer. You can’t help but love to see it.

As for any claims about these guys being a ‘threat to democracy’? This is a community of workers spontaneously organizing and taking ‘direct action’. You’d think the left would love it. They even put their decision to a vote.

Cue the Tom Petty, because these guys have made up their minds. They won’t back down.

How is the Canadian public reacting to the Trucker Protest?

If money talks and BS walks, here’s a ‘poll’ worth noting:

According to the record, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party of Canada raised $3.7m during the last quarter of 2021, with the opposition Conservative Party of Canada ranking a close second with over $3m during the same period.

The New Democratic Party raised $1.8m, which was followed by the Green Party of Canada which raised about $800,000.

However, the contentious ‘Freedom Convoy 2022’ protest has already raised $9,553,300 CAD of its desired $10,000,000 goal on Tuesday morning, the GoFundMe page showed. —MSN

That was the number on TUESDAY.

It’s about 100k more than that now.

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