Trump Literally Wiped ISIS Off The Map … Biden Is ‘Building Them Back Better’

Written by Wes Walker on February 11, 2022

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It all comes back to Biden’s brutal bungling of the Afghanistan pull-out, including the emptying of the prison at Bagram.

History is teaching us a lesson in real-time. Under one party’s administration, violent jihadis are running scared. Under the other one, they flourish.

With Biden in power, guess which direction that pendulum is swinging now?

A quick recap of then and now

Under Obama/Biden, that Jay-vee team of terrorists the Democrats dismissed so casually carved out a piece of the map and destabilized the entire region, precipitating a refugee crisis.

If you were outraged by that drowned toddler in Syria, take it up with Obama and Biden. Eventually, Obama began to take them seriously, but only after they were dug in. Obama infamously micromanaged the conflict and hamstrung the American response.

Then Trump came to the White House. He promised to ‘bomb the hell out of them’ and he did exactly that. (Remember the MOAB?)

Trump showed Al-Baghdadi who his daddy really was and reduced Solemani to cinders. The jihadis were on the run, even shaving their beards and wearing burkas so they didn’t get caught by American forces.

Fugly: ISIS Terrorists Put On Women’s Clothing And Make-Up To Flee Mosul

Then along came Biden

With Biden came his chaotic and haphazard mishandling of the Afghanistan retreat. ClashDaily wrote about a detailed Senate report laying the key decisions leading to the failure explicitly at the feet of the current Commander-in-Chief. BIDEN LIED: Senate Reports 9,000 Americans Are Still Stranded In Afghanistan … Whose Heads Will Roll?

Remember how he told us we’d retain those ‘over the horizons’ capabilities? Nobody believed that line even when he was shoveling it.

A few months down the road, we’re already seeing the result of his efforts. No, we’re not talking about Biden’s presser about the 2 jihadi leaders reportedly taken down in Syria during an exercise that also left several women and children dead — together with the loss of a helicopter.

We’re talking about the reconstitution of ISIS… in Afghanistan.

“There are no recent signs that the Taliban has taken steps to limit the activities of foreign terrorist fighters in the country,” the report added. “On the contrary, Member States are concerned that terrorist groups enjoy greater freedom in Afghanistan than at any time in recent history.”

The report cited “the release by the Taliban of several thousand individuals from prison” in Afghanistan as the primary source of the additional fighters, while member states “reported only small numbers of foreign terrorist fighters moving to Afghanistan.”

An ISIS-K operative, Abdul Rehman al Loghri, who was previously held at Parwan Detention Facility, next to Bagram Air Base, but was subsequently released by the Taliban, detonated a suicide device at the gates of Hamid Karzai International Airport on Aug. 26, where the U.S. and allies were evacuating at-risk Afghans.

ISIS-K “aims to position itself as the chief rejectionist force in Afghanistan and to expand into neighbouring Central and South Asian countries and is viewed by the Taliban as its primary armed threat. Member States are concerned that, if Afghanistan descends into further chaos, some Afghan and foreign violent extremists may shift allegiances to” ISIS-K, the report added. — WashingtonExaminer

This should not surprise anybody. Biden is hellbent on giving away the store in a new deal with Iran.

Of course, even aside from the nukes and death to America threats, there is a fairly strong moral argument against him dropping sanctions against Iran. We haven’t already forgotten about THIS story have we? Remember Al Qaeda? Their HQ Has Relocated To Iran … Your Move, Sleepy Joe!