Tucker Carlson Rips Canada’s PM Trudeau For COVID Tyranny And Hiding From Trucker Protest (VIDEO)

Written by Sir John, Eh! on February 1, 2022

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“There is no more fearful despot in the world than Canada’s Prime Minister,” said Tucker Carlson on Monday night.

There is a true blue-collar revolt happening in Canada right now and almost all Canadian politicians and the heavily-subsidized media are clutching their pearls that the people who delivered the goods so that they could “stay safe” by hiding in their homes for months on end want to be heard.

Last year, truckers were essential workers, now they’re a “fringe minority” with “unacceptable views” according to the Prime Minister who lost the popular vote to Conservatives for the second election in a row. Trudeau only secured 32.2% of the vote in last September’s election — which he had called hoping to secure a majority government — the lowest vote percentage that an elected government has ever received in Candian history.

The Prime Minister of Canada doesn’t want to come face to face with the majority of Canadians that didn’t vote for him.

In his monologue on Monday, Tucker Carlson explained how Trudeau has taken the mostly innocuous country of Canada and turned it into a biomedical security state while vilifying anyone who disagrees with him in the slightest.

From the Fox News transcript:

Rarely has a nation changed this quickly or more unequivocally for the worse. And last week, thousands of Canadian truckers reached their limit. A convoy of truckers converged on the capital city of Ottawa to demand, peacefully, cheerfully but persistently an end to Justin Trudeau’s tyranny. Justin Trudeau’s response to this display of democracy? He fled the city. Trudeau evacuated his official residence and hid in an undisclosed location. He is still cowering there tonight. Will he come back? Has he abdicated? Will Canada be ruled by a junta of truckers? Well, not at this point. He emerged by video conference from his lair to declare that Canadian citizens who disagree with him are in fact attacking democracy.

TRUDEAU: There is a right to protest, there is a right to make your voices heard, loudly and clearly. There is not a right to shut down our democracy or our democratic processes, there is not a right to abuse, intimidate and harass your fellow citizens.

So expressing your views is an attack on democracy? And by the way, how dare you express your views as if you were free people. That’s tyranny. Democracy is when you obey like serfs. Trudeau just effectively said that. And then because he has no self-awareness whatsoever, Trudeau announced that he’s contracted COVID, which is perfect. In other words, take this shot or else, as you can see from the fact I am now sick, it works perfectly.

Trudeau has been stomping all over the protected rights of Canadians throughout this pandemic under the guise of “public health” and he’s had help from the provincial leaders who have taken his dictatorial cues.

Schools have been closed.

Pastors have been jailed for holding services.

Masks are still everywhere including in schools.

Harsh lockdowns including curfews are being imposed.

After travel and providing multiple negative COVID tests, healthy people had to quarantine for up to 14 days in government-approved hotels at their own expense.

The unvaccinated are not permitted to travel internationally, nor are they permitted to travel to other provinces by air or train. As of November 30, the federal government announced that unvaccinated travelers are not permitted to cross the U.S./Canada border in their own vehicles.

Recently, the Premier of Quebec said he’s mulling over imposing massive fines on the unvaccinated in his province, a move that the Prime Minister appeared to agree with.

It’s interesting to note that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that the current Prime Minister is treating like tissue paper was the signature achievement of his father, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

And you wonder why the Canucks have had enough?

They’re not going to take it anymore.

It’s a diverse crowd that isn’t just made up of right-wing would-be Trump supporters.

Meanwhile, as Trudeau and his family have fled to a “secure location” to protect themselves from any potential violence, it’s been really, really peaceful.

This is the most Canadian protest with protesters feeding the homeless downtown, cleaning up, and just having fun.

This is what the Prime Minister of Canada is avoiding. He must have that new Coward variant.

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