Video Of ‘Ottawa Karens’ Calling Trucker Protest An ‘Occupation’ Is Going Viral

Written by Sir John, Eh! on February 4, 2022

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One Twitter user captioned the video, “The Canadian truckers are showing us who we’re really at war with. Woke white women over 50. The scourge of the earth.” Facts.

Three self-described “women of a certain age” had 15 minutes of fame on social media for attempting to stand up to protesters. Then the national media interviewed them and… hoo-boy was it ridiculous!

It all began on Tuesday when a photo of three women standing in front of part of the trucker’s convoy blocking their path was shared on Facebook.

There was a lot of “Yas Queen”-ing over the photo.

The trio was showered with accolades from those who ideologically oppose the protest and the government-funded news organization in Ottawa jumped into action to interview the women.

“I decided to get out in the streets in front of a big truck … because I felt powerless. By that point it was three days of non-stop honking, yelling,” Marika Morris, one of the residents in the photo, told CBC News on Tuesday…

…Lise Lebeau and Andrea Colbert were with Morris on Monday afternoon.

“The driver got very mad and he was honking,” explained Lebeau, who said their impromptu blockade lasted only a few minutes before the women allowed the trucks to drive past.

“They got more belligerent, really aggressive, and were yelling at us,” said Colbert.
Source: CBC News (Emphasis Added)

They stood up to those truckers, dammit! Well, for a few minutes, anyway.

From behind the masks that they wore outdoors, the women smeared and outright lied about the truckers in their interview saying that they were intimidating people and honking their horns at all hours. That’s just not true, and Trudeau’s bought-and-paid-for media outlet didn’t correct the record.

A lot of this information is blatantly false and an attempt to discredit the protest itself.

Crime data released by Ottawa Police show that since the convoy began arriving last Friday, crime has gone down in Ottawa.

Sure, it’s probably not all that thrilling to hear truck horns honking all day long, but… you chose to live in the downtown core of a capital city. This is where protests against the government happen.

It just goes to show how Ottawans have been largely sheltered from major protests despite living in the capital of the country. These women are accustomed to day-long events like the March for Life, Canada Day, or the Pride Parade. Occasionally, there’s a protest, but it is generally by people on foot rather than in big rigs, and rarely lasts longer than a single day.

Toronto, Ontario, and to a lesser extent, Vancouver, British Columbia, have seen larger protests simply because they’re bigger cities. Ottawa has a reputation of being a smallish city mostly filled with public servants and a place that fun forgot. That’s largely true.

Let’s not forget that this protest is the result of the Trudeau government doubling down on draconian vaccine mandates that prevent some Canadians from being able to travel within their own country let alone outside of it. This is being done at the same time as COVID protocols are lifted in other places around the world due to high vaccination rates and the rapid spread of the Omicron Variant.

The ire shouldn’t be directed at the truckers fed up with their loss of freedoms, it should be at the government who is intransigent in the asinine demand for COVID compliance,  dangling Charter-protected freedoms as a carrot while refusing to acknowledge either individual liberty or natural immunity from the virus.

You have the benefit, dear reader, of someone who has actually lived in Ottawa for a number of years.

The street that these women live on is parallel to Wellington Street which is where the protest is. It’s also 9 blocks away.

My response to the video on Twitter is here:

It would seem that the women were relying on reports about the protest than actually going down there and seeing what it’s like for themselves.

Let’s contrast the view of the trio of women with the blog of a guy that lives in an apartment that overlooks the heart of the protest on Kent Street.

Nearby, I spotted a heavy duty pickup truck, and seeing the silhouette of a person in the driver’s seat, I waved. A young man, probably in his mid 20s, rolled down the window, said hello and I introduced myself. His girlfriend was reclined against the passenger side door with a pillow to proper her up as she watched a movie on her phone. I could easily tell it’s been an uncomfortable few nights. I asked how they felt and I told them I lived across the street. Immediate surprise washed over the young man’s face. He said, “You must hate us. But no one honks past 6pm!” That’s true. As someone who lives right on top of the convoy, there is no noise at night. I said, “No, I don’t hate anyone, but I wanted to find out about you.” The two were from Sudbury Ontario, having arrived on Friday with the bulk of the truckers. I ask what they hoped to achieve, and what they wanted. The young woman in the passenger seat moved forward, excited to share. They said that they didn’t want a country that forced people to get medical treatments such as vaccines. There was no hint of conspiracy theories in their conversation with me, not a hint of racist overtones or hateful demagoguery. I didn’t ask them if they had taken the vaccine, but they were adamant that they were not anti-vaxers…

…As the night wore on and the rain turned to snow, those conversations repeated themselves. The man from Newfoundland with his bullmastiff, a young couple from British Columbia, the group from Winnipeg that together form what they call “Manitoba Corner ” all of them with similar stories. At Manitoba Corner a boisterous heavily tattooed man spoke to me from the cab of his dually pickup truck – a man who had a look that would have fit right in on the set of some motorcycle movie – pointed out that there are no symbols of hate in the convoy. He said, “Yes there was some clown with a Nazi flag on the weekend, and we don’t know where he’s from, but I’ll tell you what, if we see anyone with a Nazi flag or a Confederate flag, we’ll kick his fucking teeth in. No one’s a Nazi here.” Manitoba Corner all gave a shout out to that.

As I finally made my way back home, after talking to dozens of truckers into the night, I realized I met someone from every province except PEI. They all have a deep love for this country. They believe in it. They believe in Canadians. These are the people that Canada relies on to build its infrastructure, deliver its goods, and fill the ranks of its military in times of war. The overwhelming concern they have is that the vaccine mandates are creating an untouchable class of Canadians. They didn’t make high-falutin arguments from Plato’s Republic, Locke’s treatises, or Bagehot’s interpretation of Westminster parliamentary systems. Instead, they see their government willing to push a class of people outside the boundaries of society, deny them a livelihood, and deny them full membership in the most welcoming country in the world; and they said enough. Last night I learned my new neighbours are not a monstrous faceless occupying mob. They are our moral conscience reminding us – with every blow of their horns – what we should have never forgotten: We are not a country that makes an untouchable class out of our citizens.
Source: The Reformed Physicist (Emphasis Added)

Completely different, isn’t it?

The Corporate Media have skin in the game, especially in Canada where they are heavily subsidized by the government. The Liberal Party of Canada makes sure to put it in their platform and Trudeau hands over sizeable chunks of cash regularly to keep the state broadcaster viable since its viewership is even more embarrassing than CNN’s is in the U.S. if you can believe it.

That’s why you can’t just rely on the Corporate Media to tell you what to think as those Lib women did — you’ve got to examine the situation and think for yourself.

It’s a war on information and one side is determined that you only see their perspective.

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