WATCH: After Announcing Schools Will Keep Mask Mandates Boston Mayor’s Livestream Doesn’t Go So Well…

Written by K. Walker on February 11, 2022

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The newly-minted Mayor of Boston is facing a wee bit of backlash with a new voting block — angry, fed-up parents.

We saw how parents standing up in Virginia made a significant change to the leadership in that state, and yet… Democrats haven’t yet learned that there’s a new group in town and they’ve had it with the constant screwing with their kids.

Michelle Wu, the new “woke” Mayor of Boston that was sworn in last November is facing a whole lot of backlash after making the decision to continue with mask mandates in schools despite the statewide mandate ending at the end of the month.

Boston Public Schools will not lift its mask mandate at the end of the month, despite the recent announcement that the statewide mandate will expire on Feb. 28. Instead of a deadline, the city said it will use metrics to determine its safe to unmask students, teachers and staff.

“Our Boston Public Health Commission has determined that we need to see consistent downward trend of these numbers, so that we are not just dipping above and below and above and below,” Mayor Michelle Wu said at Thursday’s budgeting conference. “At the same time, I have two kids in our schools, I know it’s been such a challenging set of years for our entire school communities.”

Recently, she decided to ask a pre-selected group of high school students if the mask mandate should be kept and she tweeted this:

Does this mean she’s making her decision on “The Science” or by what high school students think should happen?

This goes against what the state has decided to do. In the state’s announcement, Governor Charlie Baker (surprisingly) acknowledges that young people are at “extremely low risk” from serious illness or death if they contract the virus, and that the masks need to be removed because it’s important for students to have a “sense of normalcy.”

Yes, that’s true. Masks have also been causing harms in students’ ability to learn. So, there’s that…

But Mayor Wu is unconvinced that that’s the best thing.

Education Commissioner Jeff Riley announced Wednesday morning that Massachusetts public schools will lift a mask mandate on Feb. 28 as COVID cases continue to drop. Schools still have the choice to keep individual mandates, however.

“Given the extremely low risk for young people, widespread availability and the proven effectiveness of vaccines, and the distribution of accurate test protocols and tests, it’s time to give our kids a sense of normalcy and lift the mask mandate on a statewide basis in schools,” Gov. Charlie Baker said Wednesday.

“What I know is that the city of Boston is not ready to lift our mask mandate and so ours will stay in place for the time being,” she said.
Source: MassLive

MassLive reports that “over 95% of the Boston workforce is vaccinated” but Wu said that jab numbers among Boston communities “still need to grow.”

Wu has also lauded medical apartheid in the form of vaccine passports required to enter certain businesses and vaccine mandates for city employees, which she says has helped Boston get out of the recent wave of cases.

These jab fanatics alawys claim this… but how is that possible since the “recent wave” was of the Omicron Variant that was contracted and spread by both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated alike?

It’s because they still cling to the idea that all we need is 100% of the population vaccinated and then we can… continue to wear masks, have vaccine passports, follow completely fabricated “social distancing” guidelines, and monitor cases to know if we need to lock down again. Is that the plan? Is Michelle Wu still disinfecting her groceries, I wonder?

Some Bostonians weren’t having it. They decided to join her on Instagram Live and express how they feel. Almost every single comment was negative.

It’s pretty clear that she had no idea how to react.

Here’s a sample of the comments:


“Why do you hate kids? Teachers? Cops? Firemen?”

“You are ruining our great city!”

“Medical discrimination and apartheid.”


“How long will you mandate tyranny?”

“There’s THE ISSUE right now: MEDICAL TYRANNY.”

“You’re ruining the city. END THE MANDATES.”

“You need to stop mandating vax.”


“Medical tyranny is still tyranny.”

“Allow individual choice.”


“Mandates cause division and segregation.”

“When will you lift the mandates?”

“Sad for our beloved Boston businesses.”

“When will you stop destroying our city with this mandate?”

“Stop the mandates!!!!!”

“Is there an expiration date for the mandates?”


“End the mandates.”

“Vax doesn’t stop spread. Why the mandate?”

“Recall her.”

“Why don’t you care about your people?”

“Please stop the indoor vaccine requirement mandate. It does nothing but discriminate and rob people of freedom.”

“Leave Boston.”

“Unmask our kids!”

That’s a whole lot of criticism in just under 90 seconds.

While Mayor Wu insists that Boston students want to keep the masks, check out how these students in Las Vegas react to the news that the mask mandate for them is over.

Who do you believe, the COVIDictator or the kids jumping for joy?

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