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WATCH: Maajid Nawaz Tells Joe Rogan About The WEF’s Goals And How Trudeau Is Implementing Them In Canada

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If you haven’t listened to the episode of The Joe Rogan Experience that dropped on Saturday, hoo-boy, you’re missing out!

Maajid Nawaz has the distinction of being the lone Joe Rogan guest to be pre-emptively censored by Spotify.

Nawaz is an interesting guy, and the 3-hour conversation went in various directions, but it’s pretty clear that it wasn’t his fascinating personal history — including being jailed in Egypt for his radical Islamist views in 2001-2006 — that caused the hesitation to air the episode, but rather, it centered around his views on COVID that contradict the narrative that is being pushed by most governments.

He was fired from his job in January as host of a popular LBC Radio show in the U.K. over his tweets questioning the efficacy of COVID booster jabs. Nawaz is himself double-vaxxed, but has raised questions about how long the vaccine is effective and asks whether it’s worth it.

While the discussion ranged from his criticism of the way the West deals with terror to the current narrative on COVID, to how reading English literature played a role in deradicalizing him, it was a very different clip that was getting shared all over social media recently.

The clip is of audio that Nawaz played for Rogan of Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF) saying how he was so proud that many global leaders were trained as Young Global Leaders through his organization. In the clip, Schwab specifically mentions Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and casually says that “half or more than half” of his cabinet is made up of Young Global Leaders.

This is from the Joe Rogan Experience Episode #1780 that was held back by Spotify for 3 weeks.

Digital identification. Social Credit scores. This way, you and your family can be punished for wrongthink by locking you out of your bank accounts if you disagree with the regime or don’t obey their diktats.

The World Economic Forum is pretty open that they believe that they know best.

Who was it that elected Klaus Schwab to make the decisions about how the world works?

Unfortunately, Schwab’s ideology is influencing people around the world who are elected and make the laws.

Nawaz tweeted the same Schwab clip that he played for Rogan on February 17, and the episode was released two days later.

This particular episode blasts the WEF and the Trudeau connection and was censored for 3 weeks. It was recorded right around the same time that the truckers arrived on Wellington Street in Ottawa and was released as the crackdown on the protesters under the “Emergencies Act” that was still yet to become law.

Impeccable timing.

This is a clip of the Canadian Parliament’s Question Period on Saturday, February 19, 2022. That was the day after Parliament was suspended so that police could “take action” against truckers protesting in downtown Ottawa using the Emergencies Act which was still being debated in the House of Commons and therefore had not been ratified by Parliament. Trudeau’s invocation of the Act was passed on Monday night with the support of the far-left NDP Party. It still has to pass in the Senate.

The clip of the Parliamentary debate is followed by a clip of Klaus Schwab speaking about how the Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum have been “embedded” in government including “half or more than half” of Trudeau’s cabinet are members of the WEF.

Canada’s Parliament is now adjourned for a week and the Emergencies Act is in place despite still having to be voted on in the Senate.

Meanwhile, Trudeau is being blasted for his hypocrisy in his heavy-handed crackdown on blue-collar workers who have been completely ignored by the laptop class for the past two years.

YouTuber Viva Frei posted this clip of Trudeau speaking at the WEF in 2016 and it has aged poorly.

So, how’s that WEF plant working out in Canada?

Well, kinda like this…

This “Great Reset” sounds an awful lot like global communism with the same sort of enforcement as they use in China.

And we’re seeing that sort of thing happening in Canada of all places.

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