WATCH: Police Warn Truckers In Downtown Ottawa ‘Leave The Area Now’

Written by Sir John, Eh! on February 16, 2022

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And so it begins… Ottawa Police are issuing tickets and warnings to protesters that if they don’t leave the area immediately, they could face arrest.

Ottawa Police are trying to prevent the protesting truckers in front of Parliament from continuing on into what will be a long weekend in Canada.

Check out how the Associated Press reports the move:

Ottawa police trying to break the nearly three-week siege of the capital by truckers protesting Canada’s COVID-19 restrictions began handing out leaflets Wednesday warning drivers to leave immediately or risk arrest.

Authorities in yellow “police liaison” vests went from rig to rig, knocking on the doors of the trucks parked outside Parliament, to inform truckers they could also lose their licenses and see their vehicles seized under Canada’s Emergencies Act.

Police also began ticketing vehicles.
Source: The Associated Press

Video and photos are circulating on social media of the Ottawa Police giving the truckers notice to leave.

Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act is hitting the protesters in the wallet by going after their funding, but it’s also going after their children.

CTV News reported on Tuesday that the following can now be prohibited under the Emergencies Act:

  • bringing children under the age of 18 to participate in trucker convoy protests;
  • travelling to or from a protest site with the intention of taking part or offering support like supplying fuel;
  • travelling to Canada as a foreign national with the intention of participating in convoy protests;
  • taking part in so-called slow-rolling by motorists intent on impeding the free flow of traffic; and
  • crowdfunding sites have to register with a federal financial oversight body if they are in possession or control of any funds associated with the convoy.

In addition, certain areas will be designated “protected” and protest will not be permitted there. Those areas include, (but are not limited to,) airports, ports, truck depots, hospitals, trade corridors, and international crossings.

The senior official briefing reporters on the government’s actions said, “These measures will be enforced today.”

The invocation of emergency measures would also allow the government to compel towing companies to tow the trucks away.

Canadian independent journalist Andrew Lawton did a fine job combing through the “Proclamation Declaring A Public Emergency” and reporting on the details.

If normal police action was available to stop what the Prime Minister called a “small fringe minority with unacceptable views” then why did Fürher Trudeau have to invoke the Emergencies Act to give the government unprecedented powers that include limiting where people can gather and freezing their bank accounts with no warrant?

Trudeau’s dictatorial order has been widely criticized in op-ed pages worldwide. Here are just a handful of headlines from Corporate Media outlets that cover the political spectrum:

“The Ottawa Trucker Protests Are a Test of Democracy” — New York Times Editorial Board

“Trudeau’s Power Grab Is Unconstitutional” — Newsweek

“Trudeau’s totalitarian turn” — The Spectator UK

“Justin Trudeau’s Trucker Emergency” — The Wall Street Journal

Many of the truckers in Ottawa are preparing to “Hold The Line” until all of the unscientific COVID mandates are lifted.

Tamara Lich, the Métis woman who is one of the leaders of the convoy has said that truckers are committed to staying for as long as it takes.

Here’s what one of the truckers had to say after receiving the notice:

The truckers are winning. Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, and Prince Edward Island have all agreed to end the restrictions in the coming weeks, including vaccine passports.

We really don’t deserve them.

The truckers are waking people up. Many Canadians want these mandates to end — even some that disagree with the protest itself.

God bless everyone who participated and supported the Freedom Convoy!

Everyone who prays should be praying for them now.

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Sir John, Eh!
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