‘WEAKNESS AND APPEASEMENT’: Ted Cruz Puts Joe Biden’s Inept Foreign Policy On BLAST (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on February 4, 2022

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By now, to call the Biden administration’s foreign policy a dumpster fire is an insult to flaming trash receptacles.

At least burning trash can radiate warmth on a cold winter’s day. What can be said in defense of Biden’s alleged leadership?

Not that we’re huge fans of POTUS43, especially lately, but the way Biden’s been running the country into the ground, all those anti-Bush protesters with their ‘mis-leader’ signs owe Dubya an apology.

Especially after the bold promises Biden made to get us out of war, before leaving Americans and our allies stranded behind enemy lines, while he is already shipping our troops off to Eastern Europe in response to the saber-rattling of an emboldened Vladamir Putin.

Standing before the Senate, Ted Cruz put the blame for squarely where it belongs… at Joe Biden’s feet.

It’s a pattern. This administration gave Afghanistan to the Taliban, and 13 American service members were tragically murdered.

As a result of President Biden’s weakness and appeasement, this administration is ramping up to give a nuclear arsenal to the Ayatollah in Iran. The very same Ayatollah who chants ‘death to Israel’ and ‘death to America’, the Biden administration is preparing to facilitate that Ayatollah having the weapons the weapons of mass murder to carry out those pledges.

As a result of President Biden’s weakness and appeasement, the Biden Administration is in the process of ceding Taiwan to Xi. President Biden has even banned any Taiwanese official from displaying a Taiwanese military uniform or displaying a Taiwanese flag on US government property. Why? Because it offends the communist government in China.

And again, right now, today…

As a result of President Biden’s weakness and appeasement, the Biden Administration is in the process of abandoning Ukraine to Vladimir Putin.

Putin didn’t just wake up one day and decide to invade Ukraine. He has wanted to invade Ukraine for years. And he did so in 2014. But he stopped short of a full invasion then because he couldn’t endanger Ukraine’s energy infrastructure which Putin needs to get Russian natural gas to Europe.

So Russia formed a consortium to build Nordstream 2, a pipeline stretching directly from Russia to Germany under the sea, so that Russian gas could circumvent Ukraine altogether.

We all know what happened next, don’t we?

Just four days after Joe Biden took office, Putin resumed work on Nordstream 2 that stopped dead in its tracks when Republicans like Trump and Ted Cruz worked out sanctions. When Trump was in office, and standing in strong opposition to Putin made for good optics, there was bilateral support for those sanctions.

A Senate vote came up in January to restore those sanctions to full effect. What was the result of that vote? Fifty-five for sanctions, 44 against, falling short of the 60 vote threshold. The majority of Democrats stood opposed to the sanctions. Why would such principled people as the Democrats change their minds like that?

RUSSIAN INFLUENCE: Ted Cruz Blasts Dem Senators For Taking Big Dollars From Putin’s Pipeline Lobby

Do you suppose maybe those 4 years of hand-wringing about Putin ‘owning’ Trump was just an act?

Good to know where the strings on Putin’s marionettes really lead, isn’t it? All you have to do is follow the money.

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