YouTuber Finds White Libs Are OUTRAGED By Rogan Saying The N-Word But Couldn’t Find A Black Person That Cared

Written by K. Walker on February 8, 2022

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Why are white liberals more offended over Joe Rogan saying the N-word than black Americans?

Because, just like with every other issue, the wokescolds think they know everything about everything, and their view is the “right” one regardless of the evidence.

The left wants to make racism a major political issue in America when it is the most tolerant, inclusive country on the planet. Are there still individual racists? Sure. There will always be hateful people out there, but the vast majority of Americans are not that way.

The push to get Joe Rogan canceled is fascinating. He’s despised because he’s one of the few people with a large platform that wants to have conversations with prominent figures about anything, and he doesn’t like one-sided conversations on any topic. Rogan has been in hot water lately for daring to allow medical professionals who disagree with the way the Fauci-worshippers have handled the pandemic so far. Geriatric musicians tried to get Spotify to censor Rogan.

Recently, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson tweeted out support for Rogan’s apology for allegedly spreading “COVID misinformation” — but then he was told about Rogan’s past use of the N-word. The Rock then called it a “learning moment” and seemed to pull back support, which is interesting since Johnson could just as easily be canceled for some of his stunts during his time in the WWE.

Suddenly, a video compilation of Rogan saying the “N-word” several times on his podcast over the years surfaced.

The calls to cancel Rogan heated up anew.

YouTuber James Klüg does political commentary from a conservative perspective and man-on-the-street interviews in Los Angeles. He decided to go and ask a bunch of people what they thought of the video of Joe Rogan saying the “N-word” that the Podcast King is being lambasted for right now.

Klüg made sure to explain that the video gave no context behind the use of the word and was a compilation that included clips from many years ago.

What Klüg found was interesting — many white liberals were terribly offended by Rogan’s comments, but he said that he couldn’t find a single black person who was upset by it.

It’s weird how these people who think that they’re fighting racism by calling for Rogan’s head don’t seem to realize that black Americans don’t find what he said offensive because it wasn’t being used as a slur. Rogan was either quoting someone else or was discussing the word itself, which we are no longer permitted to do at all in any context.

This video is consistent with the videos by Ami Horowitz that we’ve posted in the past about how the white liberals who consider themselves “allies” of the black community have very different views than black Americans. It’s almost like they don’t even know any black people.

Klüg posted a clip of the video to Twitter and it’s getting mixed responses.

One of the common refrains from this sort of man-on-the-street style of video taking the pulse of the public is that the videos are “selectively edited.”

That was a response that Klüg got for his video, but someone had the perfect response to that criticism.

Exactly right.

These wokescolds only ever go after the people they don’t like. The sitting President of the United States has said plenty of offensive things over the years — and continues to do so — but that’s all just fine because it’s “Ol’ Uncle Joe” who really means well.

But Joe Rogan — the comedian/actor/podcaster/UFC color commentator, well, he should be called out and canceled and expelled from polite society altogether for wanting to *checks notes* talk to a variety of people with different views.

They don’t want to find a way to get along with people they disagree with — they want a bubble of people that agree just with different skin colors.

Maybe if they just spoke to people they’d realize that they’re not always right about everything and sometimes, the people that they’re allegedly fighting for have different views than they do.

Perhaps that’s hoping for too much.

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