Biden Makes Shameless Black Voting Claim On Eve Of His ‘Unity’ Message At SOTU

Written by Wes Walker on March 1, 2022

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Joe Biden was slammed by his own Veep for being a bigot. Does that explain his baseless attacks against ‘racist’ Republican policies?

Or is the explanation far simpler?

Is Biden’s own record so embarrassingly awful that his only remaining option is smearing the opposition in the most crass and indefensible ways possible?

Is Biden baselessly stoking fears that ‘evil’ Republicans are trying to disenfranchise black voters and that only the Democrats can save them from this grave evil?

Yes. That’s exactly what he’s doing.

Of course, he doesn’t bother to substantiate any of this nonsense. It’s just another round of his ‘Jim Crow 2.0’ slander, or the Charlottesville Hoax lie on which he literally justified the launch of his campaign.

He believes that to be the tried-and-true path to pulling support from credulous minority voters. Midterm elections are coming in which they will have an opportunity to show him just how wrong he is.

And that’s probably what’s really driving his overheated racialized rhetoric. That same ‘locked-in’ reliably pro-Dem minority voter block has been slipping out of their hands. Because Democrats’ electoral chances are so heavily dependent on that lion’s share of the black vote, it wouldn’t take a total change of allegiance for that to create a serious problem for Democrats on voting day. Just look at the trend line.

…In 2012, 5% voted Republican. In 2016, 9% did. And in 2020,15% did. Now it looks like as many as 25% to 30% of Black voters may be ready to vote Republican.”

Morris said that perhaps the harshest criticism of the Democratic Party among the Black community was revealed when the poll asked, “Do you agree or disagree that the Democrats want African-Americans to be poor, united as a block, and dependent on government programs so that they can use them to win elections? 48% agreed. 52% disagreed.” —NewsMax

Combine that with a catastrophic first year of Biden’s administration, where kitchen table issues are going to loom large and that potentially sets up Democrats for a really bad midterm.

When people get desperate, they behave exactly how you expect desperate people to behave. Look at this clip again. Does this look like anything other than the desperation of an incompetent who’s in over his head?

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