The Texas Primary Election In Houston Was A Hot Mess — Here’s The 411

Written by K. Walker on March 4, 2022

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If this is the way elections are being handled these days, the United States is in BIG trouble.

A trio of Democrats, including Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, (who appears to be quite the character,) Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia, and Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis appointed Isabel Longoria as Elections Administrator instead of electing an Elections Clerk for the county in a straight party-line vote. This was supposed to make elections in Harris County more efficient, but it didn’t exactly work out that way.

From her bio Longoria appears to be a progressive policy wonk, LGBTQ+ activist, and bureaucrat who worked on several political campaigns before running for Houston City Council in 2019 and losing on the general ballot. No mention of any experience or credentials related to actually conducting an election.

The result was an unmitigated disaster. Polling stations didn’t have enough workers, Republican voters weren’t able to cast a ballot in certain locations, the voting machines weren’t tested properly, and some voters say that they were able to submit the first page of their ballot but not the second.

Local news reports spoke about “glitches” in the nation’s first primary of 2022.

There have been some glitches on this Election Day for the nation’s first primary of 2022.

Some new voting machines went down at Harris County polling places Tuesday morning because they were apparently overwhelmed. On top of that, they said election judges are still getting used to the new equipment.
Source: KHOU

Video of a polling station in Houston went viral because Republicans couldn’t cast a primary ballot but Democrats could.

While there was at least one polling station where Republicans weren’t able to vote, there were also complaints from Democrats that there were problems with the equipment that prevented them from casting their ballots as well.

It seems like it was a crapshow all around.

The million-dollar question is… Was it sabotage or just plain, old, run-of-the-mill incompetence?

Great question. Unfortunately, a brief intro to Longoria is unlikely to clear that up.

Back in September, Longoria was accused of sending out unsolicited mail-in ballots in violation of state election law.

Here she is talking about how the stress has caused some of the election workers health problems like exhaustion, asthma attacks, heart problems, and allegedly peeing blood.

A second video has her joking about Democrats and Republicans were “playing pranks on each other” like… “stealing each other’s ballot boxes” before backpedaling pretty quick on that.

This is not a serious person.

The Harris County GOP has filed a lawsuit on Wednesday to impound election records.

The Harris County Republican Party is calling for Elections Administrator Isabel Longoria to resign after filing a lawsuit over a delay in ballot counts during Tuesday’s primary election. At a press conference Thursday, Party Chair Cindy Siegel said Longoria is not qualified and has no experience or credentials to run elections in the county.

“Today we’ve seen what happens when you put the wrong person in the job,” Siegel said. “This election was an unmitigated disaster.”…

…In a Wednesday statement, Siegel blamed County Judge Lina Hidalgo for the alleged failures. “This fiasco has been a complete failure on behalf of Democrat County Judge Lina Hidalgo’s unelected, unaccountable Elections Administrator who is tasked with managing our elections and was sold to voters as a way to make our elections more efficient in Harris County,” Siegel said. “The fault lies with Lina Hidalgo and the management of this primary that both parties contracted the Harris County Elections Administrator to run.”

Harris County GOP attorney Steven Mitby announced Thursday that he is exploring additional legal actions in response to the incident. “The election didn’t just go awry Tuesday night,” Mitby said. “It went awry in the months before that when the planning process took place when Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo appointed an elections administrator who could not get the job done. As a result of that failure… we had the worst election disaster in Texas history.”
Source: Chron

Harris County seems a bit confused in how to deal with the problem of the exhaustion felt by poll workers that was allegedly causing some pretty serious health problems if you believe Longoria.

Maybe putting a progressive who has no experience or accountability in charge of elections is a bad idea.

But you know that Democrats will keep doing this, right?

By the way, Abbot won the GOP primary and will face off against Beto O’Rourke — the dirt-eating Democrat descendant of slave-owners who continues to fail upwards. Also, Beto is a Furry.

Pray for Texas. They really need it right now.

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