‘I’m Sick Of This Stuff!’ Angry Joe Lashes Out At Americans Who Understand That Gov’t Causes Inflation (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on March 12, 2022

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This administration thinks you’re stupid because you understand things that they don’t.

Here at ClashDaily, we’ve been calling Joe Biden the “Shambling Husk of Mediocrity” for a very long time. That’s because that’s precisely what he is.

What did he accomplish in his 37 years in the Senate? Well, the single piece of good legislation that he championed was the 1994 Crime Bill that actually did what it was supposed to do — reduce crime — but he’s running away from that as fast as his shuffling feet can take him. Biden also made a fool of himself in the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearing and looked like a damned fool. Of course, that’s not difficult because he actually is a damned fool.

Things haven’t changed for Joe, except that he’s now sitting at a small desk on a sound stage that resembles the Oval Office reading cards prepared for him by his incompetent staff who think they’re in an Aaron Sorkin drama.

It’s pretty clear that he has no clue what’s going on.

On Friday, Biden was at the House Democrats’ retreat in Philadelphia where he gave a 37-minute speech where he insisted that the 40-year high in inflation isn’t the fault of his administration.

Inflation is the fault of the government. Period.

I’m no economist, but I can read and understand things. And while there is a lot of debate over what economic approach is best, there are some things that are just simply true and you can’t wish that away.

Milton Friedman said that inflation is a monetary phenomenon that is caused by “a more rapid increase in the quantity of money than an output.”

Friedman added that in the modern era, “governments control the quantity of money. So that as a result, inflation in the United States is made in Washington and nowhere else.

Progressives are big fans of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). If you don’t know what that is, Dennis Prager had Stephen Moore, an Economist and President Trump’s former economic advisor, explaining it succinctly here.

Just keep borrowing forever because of the low-interest rates and it’ll never catch up with you. These people aren’t dealing with reality.

They’re also big fans of Quantitative Easing (QE) which is just printing more money.

It’s so common these days, it’s become a meme.

“Money Printer Go Brr”

These government chuckleheads don’t realize that just printing more money will increase inflation. Everything will cost more because there is more money circulating and it’s no longer pegged to the Gold Standard — we’ve switched to Fiat Currency which has some pretty big drawbacks, namely, the risk of bubbles and hyperinflation.

This is because the value of the dollar affects the price of imports, banks might choose to invest in commodities rather than lend to borrowers, and a flood of cash can cause reckless spending before inflation actually kicks in and hurts consumers in the long run.

And let’s not forget that the U.S. dollar is the standard by which other markets peg their currencies, so this can go south everywhere really quickly.

But the elites love QE because it inordinately benefits those in the upper echelons of society and increases income inequality.

It’s a small club, and you’re not welcome in it.

Now add to that all of the insane government spending that normally happens plus the “COVID relief” money because the government unilaterally decided to shut down businesses for months at a time and the repercussions of that are ongoing.

Biden rejects all of that and insists that inflation being felt in the United States is all Putin’s fault.

He repeated this line a few times in his speech.

That’s quite a big change from this tweet in August 2020.

NBC News actually fact-checked this new line about “Putin’s Price Hike” and found that inflation began before Russia invaded Ukraine and it’s been going on since at least last May.

Well, yeah. Americans have been living it and noticed that prices have been going up for some time.

CNBC’s Rick Santelli blasted the messaging on inflation that has been pushed by the Biden-Harris administration for months and exposed the shifting narrative.

Of course, CNN — who should be considered the official Regime Media outlet at this point — defended the President and parroted the “Putin Price Hike” talking point.

In his speech, the President essentially called the American people stupid for not understanding what Democrats are doing.

Americans understand perfectly well what Democrats are doing.

Last March, Ron Surz wrote an opinion piece about Quantitative Easing and Modern Monetary Theory and how we are likely in for a world of hurt heading straight toward hyperinflation. That was written before Russia was building up troops near Ukraine, so it clearly couldn’t have been Putin’s fault.

Here is how he explains it using the TV show “Hustle.”

Our recent economic history fits this template in the following ways:

  • Our current economic journey began in 2008 with the financial crisis, so this long con has lasted 13 years so far, and it will likely take another 4 or 5 years to complete. The “long” in this long con is about 18 years.
  • The “Mark” in this con is the United States, specifically members of Congress. The “Grifter” is China, caught in the Thucydides’ Trap, and seeks to be number one. And the “Shills” are U.S citizens.
  • The stages of the con progress as follows:
  • Foundation: Congressional members are greedy and mostly focused on getting re-elected. Voters want quality healthcare and education
  • Approach: Create a “theory” that liberates spending from a budget. Money printing is justified by “Modern Monetary Theory” (MMT) – print all you need.
  • Build-up: Following Japan’s lead, the U.S. launches Quantitative Easing (QE) in 2008 to head off a recession, printing about $4 trillion.
  • Pay-off or convincer: QE works!! The recession ends quickly, the stock market enjoys its longest recovery and inflation is subdued.
  • The “hurrah”: A sudden manufactured crisis or change of events forces the victim to act or decide immediately. The COVID pandemic breaks out, originating in China.
  • The in-and-in: Congress approves another $5 trillion in COVID relief, plus President Biden plans to spend at least another $2 trillion on infrastructure and other projects. So, $11 trillion in new money (counting QE), which may be enough to bring hyperinflation.

The scenario so far has set an inflationary spiral in motion that could bankrupt the U.S. and bring China into world dominance. Stay tuned. This will take many years to play out, and a lot can happen in the meantime. MMT encourages money printing until it causes inflation, at which time taxes are supposed to be increased to take that money out of the economy. Will Congress act?

The “Big Guy” is benefiting his buddy Xi Jinping at the expense of America because Democrats simply don’t like this country — and let’s be real for a second — they’re probably heavily invested in China. We know that Joe was sending his own son over there to make some big, lucrative deals that would keep the Biden Crime Family rolling in Yuan for generations to come.

It’s not just that, though. Biden is kneecapping the fossil fuel industry because of a weird religious devotion to Big Green and that benefits America’s enemies like Russia, Iran, and Venezuela, rather than unleash the oil and gas industry in the United States.

They don’t care about you or America — they just want to make sure that they get their cut before it all collapses.

Vice President Kamala Harris was asked how long this historic inflation was expected to last and she literally had no answer.

That’s the woman that is one thready heartbeat away from the Oval Office and she can’t anwer a simple question even with the canned response that politicians trot out constantly.

America, we’re in some pretty deep doo if that’s these two are actually leading the country.

If you’re feeling masochistic, you can watch Biden slur and yell through his full speech here.

It’s a war against America and the policies adopted by Democrats are firmly anti-American.

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