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Klaus Shwab Has Big Plans For YOUR Future … Are You Cool With That? (VIDEO)

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You know that moment in every Bond movie where the supervillain is confident that Bond is about to meet his end, and starts explaining the genius of his evil plan?

It’s the kind of scene that’s become a spy movie trope.

The super-villain is confident that there is now nobody and nothing standing in the way of his evil plot taking shape, so that overconfidence causes him to start bragging about it.

He’s often got some kind of sinister-sounding voice made more exotic by having a heavy foreign accent, most likely from one of the Warsaw Pact nations of the Cold War? Maybe Russian, or Romanian, or East German?

Don’t let the heavy German accent fool you, the video you are about to see is NOT something from the cutting-floor of a 1980s era Bond film.

This is Klaus Schwab addressing the WEF about the next installment of his grand vision for the world. Because if there’s ONE thing that the world is desperately calling out for is a group of smug, self-entitled Billionaires to gather in a room and unilaterally decide how they are going to micromanage the lives of some 8 Billion or so people, right?

What pleasure to be together again. And to design the future. We are here to develop the Great Narrative. A story for the future. In order to shape the future, you have first to imagine the future. You have to design the future. And then, you have to execute.

Here I think in the next two days we will look how we imagine, how we design, how we execute “The Great Narrative”. How we define the story of “our” world for the future.

Let’s back up a couple of years, to when a handful of voices were raising occasional concerns about this shady-sounding idea called the Great Reset.

Such talk was dismissed as a conspiracy theory right up until the moment it was accepted as fact.

The video above, shows Klaus Schwab explaining the next plan of the World Economic Forum.

It was definitely, most definitely NOT plotting some kind of a global scheme called ‘the Great Reset’ which just happened to form part of the title of a book by Schwab, and was found on the World Economic Forum website’s own documents.

And even if it WAS a thing that existed, it’s a brilliant idea that you should gladly welcome, you sniveling plebes.

That’s obviously a bit of an exaggeration on what was actally said, but it does capture the left’s shift from open denial that there was such a thing as the Great Reset to this: Why Are Media Types Now Talking About ‘The Great Reset’?

The full title of the book Schwab wrote, by the way, was COVID-19: The Great Reset It was published on July 9, 2020. What was that line team Obama liked to use about never letting a good crisis go to waste?

Here’s a snippet from the book’s description:

…how COVID-19 disrupted our social and economic systems, and what changes will be needed to create a more inclusive, resilient and sustainable world going forward.

Use the crisis to remake the world in your own image. Yep. That’s very Bond villan-y of you Klaus.

The media’s recent admission of the reality of The Great Reset was a ‘pivot’. Because, as you can see from the link above, the reset was was a specific kind of reset. He wanted every country, and every industry to be transformed, ‘In short, we need a ‘Great Reset’ of capitalism.’

A great reset of … capitalism? By a Billionaire with an inflated sense of his own importance and intelligence?

But the reason for the pivot is important. We’re moving to the next phase. This one will not center on the virus, but on climate alarmism.

Klaus wrote another book, this one is called ‘the Great Narrative.’ From the description:

– World Economic Forum Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab and his co-author Thierry Malleret today release their new book “The Great Narrative”

– “The Great Narrative” encapsulates the Davos Vision, and explores how we can shape a constructive, common narrative for the future

– The book is the second instalment in “The Great Reset” series, which has been a global best-seller with over 250,000 copies and over a dozen translations

It’s his goal to change our habits, change our culture, change our very way of life — mainly because he’s a billionaire, and who can stop him?

Related: from the Global Economic Forum, with a message telling us You will own nothing and be happy.

Well, that sounds just peachy, doesn’t it?

Even Russel Brand, hardly a MAGA Devotee, is warning about this same problem.

What’s that popular saying on the internet…?

Oh, that’s right…

When someone tells you who they are — believe them.

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Wes Walker

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