MUST WATCH: UFC Fighter Bryce Mitchell Appears On Tucker Carlson Tonight

Written by Wes Walker on March 9, 2022

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Bryce Mitchell may not be a household name, but in many ways, he is the Everyman of that ‘basket of deplorables’ living in America’s non-elite Flyover Country. He could be any one of us.

What made people catch notice of him outside his usual reach within mixed martial arts circles was when spoke from the heart about the Russian invasion of Ukraine before his bout over the weekend.

He was honest enough to say what few are willing to say — that he doesn’t have enough reliable information to form an objective opinion on what’s happening over there. He’s not interested in going to some foreign war, but if anyone were ever to march into America, and specifically his home state, he’d be right there defending everything he loved.

Here’s the video that went viral on the weekend.

Here’s what he had to say on Tucker Carlson Tonight:

The language might be more ‘rural’ than our supposed betters in the beltway and on the coasts are used to, and they’d likely dismiss him for it. But unlike our so-called moral betters, he doesn’t hide his ideas behind dark euphemisms and innuendo. He actually says what’s on his mind.

Once he starts sharing what’s on that mind of his, it quickly becomes clear that Mr. Mitchell is far better informed than so many of the media gatekeepers who keep trying to shape not just our understanding but our responses to any given issue… Biden corruption in Ukraine, Pelosi making out like a bandit in Wall Street, the Federal Reserve.

Bryce gave half his winnings this weekend to a local charity. He seems like a helluva guy. The country is full of such honorable and decent men.

Sure would be nice if more Americans like him got featured in the news.

Maybe there would be fewer activists hellbent on tearing the country down.

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