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BREAKING: Verdict In Whitmer Kidnapping Case — Here’s What You Need To Know

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Two men learned their fates in the highly-controversial Whitmer kidnapping trial, while jury deadlocks for two other defendants resulted in mistrials.

With tensions high during the middle of Covid lockdowns the FBI’s splashy announcement that they had foiled a right-wing ‘kidnapping plot’ had enormous ripple effects beyond the case itself.

Not only did it provide some powerful Left-wing Talking Points and a victim narrative — just in time to ‘change the channel’ on the negative press Antifa and BLM riots had been generating, but it had massive cultural ripple effects even beyond the 2020 election.

It provided a context and background partisans used to shape the narrative behind:

– The events of Jan 6
– The massive social media purge that followed
– A ‘right-wing domestic terrorist’ narrative which was used by woke Dem appointees to ‘scrutinize’ the military, and later, the Biden admin’s treatment of concerned parents as ‘terrorists’
– Drive the ‘threat to democracy’ excuse that has energized all sorts of unconstitutional precedents on the part of the Democrats

The more we learned about the case, the more the validity of the FBI’s entire investigation was cast in doubt.

As the plot thickened, the public was left wondering: was this an actual criminal investigation, or was this just another political psyop in an organization that has already shown itself to be corruptly partisan at the highest levels?

We’ll leave that question to our readers to ponder as we show you what rulings were handed down so far.

Daniel Harris and Brandon Caserta were both found not guilty. The charges against Adam Fox and Barry Croft, Jr. were declared “no verdict” and Judge James Jonker declared a mistrial on those counts.

Friday morning, jurors sent a note to the judge saying they had reached agreement on several counts but were deadlocked on others. The judge sent them back to continue their deliberations, encouraging them to “take another look, a fresh look.” But the jury returned several hours later to say they were still unable to reach a verdict on some counts. — CBC

It is our contention that activists in the press really won’t care what the verdict for this case ultimately comes down as — they’ve already leveraged the narrative to get what they want: a public perception that Democrats are the grand defenders of Democracy and that Republican use of the word ‘patriot’ is synonymous with ‘domestic terrorist’.

Here’s a quick recap of some stories about the FBI’s more questionable decisions in their eagerness to prosecute ‘domestic terrorists’ the word ‘entrapment’ has been raised more than once:

FBI: Were They INVESTIGATING The Whitmer Kidnapping Plot … Or Did They ORCHESTRATE It?

FBI Busted Using Jan 6 As Excuse To Infiltrate Bible Study, Attempt Target & Entrapment Of Immigrant Members

FBI Seizes ‘Fully Assembled’ Lego Replica Of Capitol … Gets Dragged On Social Media

Julie Kelly has been on this story — and the Jan 6 one — like a dog on a bone. She’s a great resource for keeping abreast of developments in either.

Meanwhile, the press ignores actual acts of organized political violence from the left: Left’s Official Antifa Denials Crumble As 10 ‘Activists’ Face Criminal Charges

Even Buzzfeed — BUZZFEED! — is calling BS on the government’s handling of this case as entrapment and a travesty of justice. Some highlights from their piece. (emphasis added)

The split verdict calls into question the Justice Department’s strategy, and beyond that, its entire approach to combating domestic extremism. Defense attorneys in the case, along with observers from across the political spectrum, have argued the FBI’s efforts to make the case, which involved at least a dozen confidential informants, went beyond legitimate law enforcement and into outright entrapment.

…But the most striking thing about the closely watched 15-day trial might be what the jury never got to see.

Both before and during the trial, prosecutors went to extraordinary lengths to exclude evidence and witnesses that might undermine their arguments, while winning the right to bring in almost anything favorable to their own side. As a result, defense attorneys were largely reduced to nibbling at the edges of the government’s case in hopes of instilling doubt in the jurors’ minds, and to making claims about official misconduct with vanishingly few pieces of evidence to support them.

Over and over during the course of the trial, the prosecution objected to any attempts by defendants to provide context for the often shocking soundbites and text messages shown in court — objections sustained by a judge who agreed that such material risked confusing the jury.

The result was, at least from the defense’s point of view, a stunningly one-sided presentation that left the preponderance of evidence out of court and gave jurors precious little to balance against the Justice Department’s claims.

“The government controls the evidence,” Fox’s attorney, Chris Gibbons, said in his closing statement last Friday, “and they can play whatever they want.” — Buzzfeed

Don’t expect the acquittal to get much more than passing attention in the news… unless of course, they figure out a way to frame it as a Serious Threat to Democracy.™

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