CLASH POLL: Which Number Will Be Higher By The Midterms — Inflation Or Biden’s Approval Rating?

Written by K. Walker on April 15, 2022

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This could go either way since Biden’s approval keeps sinking and inflation keeps rising.

Joe has been a complete disaster as President.

Everything that he touches turns to crap and it seems that everyone is noticing.

Earlier this week, we learned that inflation hit a 41-year high — Thanks, Joe!

BIDENFLATION: Consumer Price Index Surges To 8.5% In March Hitting 41-Year High

And now CNN is reporting that Joe’s approval rating has hit the lowest for any president at this point in his presidency.

You know it’s bad when the Regime Media hacks over at CNN are admitting it.

Honestly, the expectations for this President were so low, the ClashDaily team is rather surprised that this administration was able to hit two significant milestones in the same week!

Congrats to the Shambling Husk of Mediocrity and his incompetent handlers who occasionally direct him in front of a camera to do weird things like shake hands with no one and wander around confused.

America isn’t seeing enough of Joe for this writer’s liking — with the midterms coming, he needs to be trotted out much more frequently.

Joe Biden is single-handedly winning the midterms for Republicans.

Well, maybe he’s having some help from the insane Dems who insist on pushing further left and alienating normal people who don’t like groomer teachers talking about their sex lives to their PreK class, aren’t keen on paying the college debt of rich kids who major in “fat studies”, or think that closing the southern border to cartels smuggling people into the U.S. isn’t a hate crime.

The left’s war on normalcy is alienating them from, well, normal people who aren’t the political ideologues.

The Quinnipiac poll cited shows that Biden has lost much of the support from Hispanic Americans.

Gee, maybe calling them “Latinx” — which they don’t like — wasn’t a great idea.

Quinnipiac shows his approval in the low 30s, and we’ve got a few more months until the midterms.

And yeah, we’ve hit 8.5% inflation — at least that’s the number they’re willing to admit to. It’s probably much higher if you look at the assessment by John Williams’ Shadow Government Statistics. Williams shows inflation literally off his chart approaching what looks like 15%.

So, what do you think? Which number will be higher? Will his approval sink to never-before-seen depths as inflation soars to new highs, or will he manage to get something right before November?

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