DOOCY TIME: Gloves Come Off As Psaki Faces Pointed Qs About Border & Hunter (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on April 7, 2022

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You almost wonder if Peter Doocy is the singular reason that Psaki is jumping ship to join the ranks of other Democrat activists over at MSDNC?

Or maybe spinning for an obvious failure like Joe Biden is getting to be such a strain that even she can’t look at herself in the mirror anymore without hating what’s looking back at her.

Whatever the reason, Peter is more or less carrying the reputation of his entire profession on his back as he does his best to hold the current administration responsible for some obvious policy failures.

He pokes holes in their border policy ‘solutions’:

Even if those phones aren’t being thrown away, nothing stops anyone from either selling them or wiping them clean by initiating a factory reset. Then what good is that tracking software?

The next question involves Joe Biden’s personal and business connections with Chinese nationals tied to the Chinese Communist Party.

She can talk about his role as a ‘private citizen’ all she wants. Evidence pointing to pay-for-play is mounting, and even Hunter himself went on 60 Minutes and admitted it was probably his last name / family connections that got him his job.

For a party that loved throwing the term ‘quid pro quo’ around for the last president, when the Biden family made tens of millions of Chinese connections and we know that China is deliberately engaged in a strategy of using money and other tools to cultivate relationships with influential Western business execs, educators, and politicians with the purpose of advancing their country’s national interests at the expense of our own, the ‘in return’ question is relevant.

Emails from Hunter’s own (authenticated) laptop are now being used as the basis of evidence for prickly questions being directed at Biden’s White House surrogate. This is the same laptop that Biden denounced as Russian disinformation before the election. And they are emails whose contents were explicitly confirmed by thier business partner Bobolowski before the election.

Doocy is pushing back on her answer.

Well, I can say this much for Psaki — she’s an effortless liar who can dutifully regurgitate Democrat talking points on command.

She’ll fit in quite well over at MSNBC.

Ladies today need better role models to emulate than the ones we see the White House… for example these ones:

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