Exxon Mobile Decision Will Make Woke Activists Lose Their D@mn Minds

Written by Wes Walker on April 25, 2022

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For years now, the default position of so many Fortune 500 companies was to kneel to the left’s latest fashionable moral outrage.

From 2020 forward that corporate submission to political pressure only accelerated. Between BLM, the pandemic, and the latecomer of what has come to be known as ‘trans’ issues became points on which unblinking capitulations weren’t just common, but they were expected.

This is why the announcement from Exxon stands out from the crowd.

Exxon Mobil is moving its corporate headquarters from Irving, Texas, to Houston as part of a business reorganization that the company said will be completed by 2023. What is making headlines, though, is the updated company guidance on its decision to ban any flag flying outside the corporate headquarters other than the official corporate flag. Why was this decision being announced? The corporation is sending a message that it intends to remain neutral and not succumb to politically correct virtue-signaling.

…An oil and gas company is different than theme parks, of course, but consumer reaction is the same across the board. Regular consumers don’t want companies to let political opinions seep into corporate messaging. In this case, Exxon wants to continue its support of gay employees, for example, and rainbow flags and banners can be displayed, just not outside the company headquarters. Only the flag with the Exxon Mobile logo will fly, not “external position flags”. Disgruntled employees are being told that the decision is to address the need for the corporation to maintain ‘neutrality.’

…Oil and gas exploration and production doesn’t need to be mixed up in the popular political ideological battles of the times. By announcing publicly that the company is staying out of politics as far as social agendas go, average consumers will appreciate a common sense approach. The trend has been for every company under the sun to virtue signal agreement with progressive demands. Sports teams and retail outlets, for example, have felt the wrath of consumers tired of being lectured. Just play ball or sell me a pair of jeans without lecturing me about social justice. The same goes for when I fill up my car’s gas tank. — HotAir

Even if they continue with an in-house commitment to the priorities of these same various interests groups, taking a stand in refusing to publicly fly political flags in support of them is a step forward.

Better still, it’s going to really rattle the chains of the activists who demand undying fealty to the cause.

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