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FLASHBACK: Pre-COVID Fauci Says Natural Immunity Is The ‘Most Potent Vaccination’ (VIDEO)

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This doesn’t sound like the same Dr. Fauci we’ve heard for the past two years. What changed?

Dr. Fauci has been pushing universal vaccination for the Wuhan Virus even among those who have been infected with the disease and have recovered. If you know the absolute basics of what vaccination is, this makes no sense whatsoever. Vaccines imitate infection in order to trigger an immune response. This immune response produces antibodies that prevent the multiplication of the virus in the body if exposed. Another way to have antibodies is to have your body fight off the illness.

We have known for decades that natural immunity provides the best protection from reinfection.

Even Dr. Fauci admitted that recovering from infection was “the most potent vaccination.”

The clip is from an October 2004 appearance by Fauci on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal with host Peter Slen. Fauci was talking about the flu shot and took questions from callers. At around the 28-minute mark, a 67-year-old lady in Aitkin, Minnesota, calls in to ask if she needed the flu shot after she had been sick with the flu for two weeks.

A shorter clip has been making the rounds on Twitter, but if you check out what Fauci says just before, it’s pretty damning after over a year of blasting people who remain unvaccinated.

Fauci says that there is a “very, very small minority” of people who “consistently respond poorly” to vaccination.

Wait… so you’re saying that the vaccines might not work in a small percentage of the population?

Gee, when was that ever mentioned in the past two years?

Meanwhile, the “experts” like Fauci are out there giving pushing to give these shots to younger and younger children — many of whom have natural immunity. Children are at virtually zero risk for serious illness or death from COVID, the vaccines are therefore of no real benefit to the child, there is no long-term safety data, and the mRNA jabs have a growing list of known side effects. For kids, the jabs are all risk, no reward.

It’s all so outrageous — especially when you listen to Dr. Fauci from 2004.

Here’s a partial transcript:

SLEN: But she’s had the flu for fourteen days, should she get a flu shot?

FAUCI: Well no. If she got the flu for fourteen days, she’s as protected as anybody can be, because the best vaccination is to get infected yourself. If she really has the flu, if she really has the flu, she definitely doesn’t need a flu vaccine.

SLEN: She shouldn’t get it again —

FAUCI: She doesn’t need it… the most potent vaccination is getting infected yourself.


In this clip, Dr. Fauci is saying that flu vaccination post-infection is basically pointless. Is it the same for the Wuhan Flu? Why wouldn’t it be?

So, if you’ve already been infected and recovered from COVID, why the heck do you need to get jabbed? Great question.

There has been a dogged determination in North America, in particular, to refuse to acknowledge natural immunity that occurs after infection. Many places in Europe consider recovery from the virus equivalent to vaccination for at least some period of time, but that’s not happening in the United States and Canada.

The argument is that they don’t know how long natural immunity lasts.

Studies have shown that the immunity following infection is robust, more complete than with vaccination, and can last between 6 months and 2 years.

A British study showed that the efficacy of the vaccines wanes much faster — it’s down to 50% effective after just 3 months.

Did “the Science” change so drastically in 18 years?

That seems unlikely. But despite Fauci saying attacks on him attack “the science itself” he has been pushing the jabs and not actually addressing decades of well-established scientific facts about where antibodies come from.

Here is Fauci in August talking about natural immunity and making an argument about why it’s important to get vaccinated even after infection to protect against new variants.

That makes no sense.

The vaccines and boosters haven’t been adjusted at all to protect against new variants. The vaccines that we are using now for the “primary series” and the boosters are the same formulation that was first offered in late 2020.

Here is Dr. Fauci on CNN desperately avoiding saying the words “natural immunity” and admitting that the NIH has no idea how long post-infection immunity lasts.

Shortly after that, Fauci completely reversed what he said and told singer Gloria Estefan that she should get vaccinated even though she had recovered from the virus.

For a guy that says that he is “The Science” — Fauci isn’t exactly open about what the science actually shows.

Maybe that’s because he’s an Authoritarian Smurf that should’ve retired years ago.


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