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Ketanji Brown Jackson Chose Lenient Sentencing On Sex Torture Pics Of Babies And Toddlers

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Is there any sex crime against children that Biden’s nominee was tough on?

We recently learned that after Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson handed a child rapist a lax sentence after violently raping a 13-year old, the convict reoffended.

We also know — thanks to the digging into court records by Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) and his staff — that Judge Jackson has been unusually soft on sentencing in cases where a pervert was sharing images of the rape and sexual exploitation of children.

Let’s be frank, the term “child pornography” sanitizes what these images truly are. In a recent opinion piece in The Hill, Kevin Brock, a former director of intelligence at the FBI, explains what these images really are — depictions of the torture of children for the sexual gratification of vile perverts.

Here is the hard reality: These images are of mostly prepubescent children down to infants. They are frightening, many are bloody, many depict screams and crying and pain and helplessness. They show little children drugged and forced to do horrific acts and to endure unspeakable, life-scarring abuse. They represent children who have been abducted, trafficked, lured into a neighbor’s or relative’s house or, unbelievably, turned over by a parent to an abuser for money.

This sick industry scans social media platforms, copies the photos you post of your little ones, and then digitally manipulates them into vile images. Be aware, parents.

It isn’t “child pornography”; it is mostly the actual or depicted torture of small, innocent children by grown men who record the torture and sell it to other men, who perpetuate the crime by trading the content and creating new demand, which, in a vicious cycle, generates more little victims. This is the reality that makes Jackson’s efforts to explain her soft approach toward these criminals all the more troublesome.
Source: The Hill

The New York Post has obtained transcripts of sentencing hearings where Judge Jackson was presiding and found that in the eight child porn cases that came before her, she consistently disregarded prosecutors’ recommendations and gave the most lenient prison time possible. This is despite the often horrifying evidence presented in the cases which included details of “sadomasochistic” torture of young children — including infants and toddlers.

On several occasions, she even apologized to the convicted perverts who derive sexual pleasure from images of the abuse and torture of children for having to follow the mandatory minimum statutes which she called “substantially flawed.”

What’s more, Judge Jackson repeatedly disregarded the recommendations of investigators and prosecutors, and even probation officers, who argued for tougher sentencing because the defendant wasn’t remorseful, or the crimes were particularly egregious.

In July 2020, Jackson gave the bare minimum sentence to a defendant convicted of distributing images and videos of infants being sexually abused, and who had boasted of molesting his 13-year-old cousin, even though she knew the defendant refused “to take full responsibility” for his crimes, a transcript reveals. In 2018, Christopher Michael Downs was busted trading child porn in a private online chat room, “Pedos Only,” including images of adult males raping “a prepubescent female child,” according to court records. He posted 33 graphic photos, including an image of a naked female child as young as 2 years old. Downs, then 30, told the group, “I once fooled around with my 13-year-old cousin.” He also uploaded a 10-second video of “a prepubescent female lying in a bathtub and with an adult male inserting his penis into her mouth.”

Jackson herself admitted that the felon was at “risk of reoffending,” the transcript further reveals. But she declined to enhance his prison time based on the amount of porn he distributed, arguing such enhancements were “outdated” and “substantially flawed.” She acknowledged the average sentence nationally “for similarly situated defendants” was 81 months, but she gave him the statutory mandatory-minimum sentence of 60 months, which was short of the nearly six years prosecutors asked for. In addition, Jackson gave him credit for time served starting from when he was first incarcerated in October 2018, so technically she gave him only 38 months, or a little over three years, in the pen. Downs is scheduled for release in December.
(Emphasis Added)

Judge Jackson is also of the bizarre opinion that people who derive sexual gratification from viewing these images are somehow not pedophiles.

Some of the cases before her put that notion to rest.

One case highlighted by the NY Post that came before Judge Jackson makes that particularly clear.

In 2015, Neil Alexander Stewart, 31, was caught with hundreds of images and videos of child sex abuse and was seeking out “willing” children between the age of 5-11 to rape. He was caught when he was trying to meet with an undercover agent’s fictional 9-year-old daughter at the D.C. zoo. Stewart had even given “advice” to the agent on how to groom a child for sexual abuse that could then be recorded and shared.

Despite prosecutors warning that Stewart was a risk for “hands-on” sexual abuse of children and posed a “continuing” threat to the community, Judge Jackson sentenced him to 57 months in prison, well short of the 97 months that prosecutors had asked for.

When prosecutors labeled certain cases “egregious” or “extreme”, Judge Jackson disagreed with their assessment and continued to hand down light sentences. In one particular case, she was also “reluctant to get into the nature of the porn” while expressing her concern over how a sex crime conviction will affect the defendant.

In her April 2021 sentencing of child porn distributor Ryan Manning Cooper, Jackson contradicted the findings of prosecutors, dismissing the crimes they described as “on the more egregious or extreme spectrum” of child porn as not “especially egregious.” Among the more than 600 images prosecutors told the judge he traded were sexually explicit pics depicting bondage of infants and toddlers. Prosecutors also busted him with a video of a “pre-pubescent boy being penetrated anally and orally” by an older male.

“I’m really reluctant to get into the nature of the porn,” Jackson told the court before sentencing Cooper to prison time short of what the prosecution recommended.

“I don’t find persuasive the government’s arguments concerning why they think that this is a particularly egregious child pornography offense, which means I struggled to find a good reason to impose a sentence that is more severe in this case,” she argued.

Jackson cited “mitigating factors,” including letters family members sent to her describing Cooper as “kind, hard-working, dependable, loving. I have no reason to doubt those representations.” Striking a sympathetic tone, she advised the defendant: “There are going to be a lot of restrictions that the law places on you because you are a convicted sex offender, and you’re going to need the support of these people during this next phase of your life.”
(Emphasis Added)

She doesn’t find images of the “bondage of infants and toddlers” to be “especially egregious”?

What the hell…?!?

Judge Jackson clearly has an abundance of compassion for the perverts that share these images of abuse, but not so much for the victims that are revictimized every time the evidence of abuse is shared.

The NY Post’s article has more details of some of the other cases that came before Judge Jackson.

Judge Jackson has been very critical of federal sentencing guidelines for child porn calling them “outdated” and “too severe.” She says that computers, the internet, and digital cameras make it “so easy” to collect, store, and distribute images of children being sexually exploited.

In a now-famous clip from Judge Jackson’s confirmation hearing, she was being grilled by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) about her light sentencing and she says that with the internet, she responds by saying that a person can share these disgusting images for 15 minutes and face decades in prison — as though that’s a bad thing.

Jackson has said that she developed “my own analysis of child pornography offenses” and backs her light sentencing with criticism written by President Obama’s vice-chair of the U.S. Sentencing Commission — Ketanji Brown Jackson. Yes, this activist judge uses her own opinions to back up her claim that the sentencing for child porn is too harsh.

Mike Davis, president of the Article III Project, a Washington advocacy group for constitutional judges and the rule of law, said that Judge Jackson has been the “tip of the spear” in weakening federal sentencing policy for child pornographers and she “ignored the advice of expert witnesses who disputed her theory that child pornographers are somehow not pedophiles.

“She’s clearly not a mainstream judge. After she heard details of sex torture of young kids, including babies, she nonetheless disregarded the official sentencing guidelines and prosecutors’ recommendations to give rock-bottom sentences in eight of eight cases,” [Davis] said, adding that she seems “more concerned about the well-being of pedophiles than the safety of your children — and thanks to her, they may be living in your neighborhood right now.”
Source: New York Post

The trio of reliably RINO Senators from Maine, Alaska, and Utah — Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Mitt Romney — have all said that they are backing Judge Jackson’s nomination to the highest court in the land.

This activist judge who has been consistently light on child porn peddlers — even when the images were of babies and toddlers being tortured — is going to have a seat on the Supreme Court of the United States.

God help us all.

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