‘LEADERSHIP’: New Deets Revealed On How Biden FUBAR’d Our Friendship With The Saudis

Written by Wes Walker on April 21, 2022

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The relationship has got to be grim when a foreign leader and supposed ally isn’t even willing to pick up the phone with the President himself calls.

So what did Biden and his flunkies do to make the Saudi royal family ghost him and make moves that are openly hostile to US national interests?

At first, we assumed their cold shoulder was connected to how Biden has been cozying up to Iran. Or maybe they’re upset about Biden removing the ‘terrorist’ classification of the militia groups that have claimed credit for attacking Saudi oil interests.

This may be part of it, but there appears to be a more personal reason.

Biden’s ‘genius’, Jake Sullivan (whose name we may be soon hearing more of as results of the Durham investigation continue to unfold) managed to personally insult a world leader. Now, ordinary Americans are paying a price for that slight.

The staggering decline of U.S.-Saudi relations under the Biden administration was outlined in a Wall Street Journal report that details actions the president’s fury with the de facto ruler of the kingdom and the prince’s infuriated response.

Last September, Biden National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan met with the Saudi Crown prince, who goes by his initials MBS, at a seaside palace.

Sullivan brought up Khashoggi, the Washington Post columnist who was murdered in 2018 in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

MSB shouted at Sullivan in return and told him that he never wanted to speak of the matter again. And, he added, the U.S. could forget its request that Saudi Arabia increase its oil production, which the administration was pushing for to help bring down gas prices. —DailyMail

The White House disputes any of this. But then again, they have a credibility problem.

Psaki routinely lies to our faces on a daily basis, and this is the same administration that officially called the droning of an innocent man a ‘righteous strike’.

Saudia Arabia is irritated with the frosty reception it has received from the United States since Biden took office.

President Biden has refused to speak to MBS and has limited his direct conversations to the ailing and elderly King Salman, MBS’ father.

‘There’s a lot of Middle Eastern folks who want to talk to me. I’m not sure I’m going to talk to them,’ Biden said at a CNN townhall in October, which was seen as a reference to MBS.

Biden is said to see the king as his direct counterpart. But in Saudi Arabia, the king chooses his successor and Salman, 86, has handed de facto control of the country to MBS, 36. —DailyMail

As a result, the Saudis have been moving their relationship closer to Russia and China.

Is this what Biden meant when he announced ‘America’s Back’?

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