LEAKED VIDEO: Panic In Twitter’s ‘All Hands Meeting’ With Censorship Under Attack

Written by Wes Walker on April 27, 2022

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If you really want to know who these Tech Tyrants are, look at how they talk about wielding power when they think nobody is listening.

They don’t trust the public to be arbiters of truth. They think it’s their job to sanitize conversation and make the public square a ‘safe space’.

What do you suppose these clowns would have said about, say, Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, or Thomas Paine? Would they have kept the colonies safe from such radical notions as they had?

You know the answer to that question even before you ask it, don’t you?

Here’s the short version of audio Project Veritas got their hands on from the ‘all hands’ meeting that came together in response to the ‘terrifying’ news that Elon, who openly supports free speech had to say about their role in controlling the flow of public information and discourse.

Here’s the highlight reel:

And for the purists who want to see the context, we’ve got that too:

By the way, Leslie Bertrand, Twitter’s CMO Moderator, may come to regret her slander of the company’s new owner as ‘a person of questionable ethics’. That would seem like a reasonable cause for dismissal. And if the law allows dismissal without compensation under such nasty circumstances? Even better.

What can be said about the ethics of a cabal of people who think it’s their job to control the information flow of the public square? Nothing good, to be sure.

They are worried about who will hold Elon Musk accountable in his drive to return Twitter to a free speech platform. Their grip on power is threatened and they know it.

Where is that same concern about Zuckerberg? Or Google? Or even Bezos owning Amazon and WaPo? There isn’t any.

That’s because they’ve all been openly running interference for hard-left Democrat causes for quite some time now.

Now that there’s a public square in which ideas can freely compete, it’s a whole new ball game.

And who knows what might turn up once we start flipping rocks to see what’s lurking under them.

In-house transcripts of the suppression of Hunter’s Laptop would be a good place to start. And if that shines light on Google or Facebook? Even better.

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