Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson: ‘There Ain’t But Two Genders’ (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on April 5, 2022

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What does courage look like? These days, it’s saying the thing that everyone KNOWS to be true, but most people are too afraid to put their voice to for fear of the price you pay for saying it.

It’s hardly a new problem. ‘The Emporer’s New Clothes’ was about exactly that dilemma.

But here is a man who knows what he believes, and is not willing to back down from saying it… come what may.

Then again, North Carolina’s first black Lt. Governor was both a businessman and an Army vet. No wonder he’s got thick skin.

‘…something else I’m not supposed to say: ain’t but two genders! Two genders. Ain’t nothing but men and women.’

Then, after he stops to taunt the people who are already gearing up to take offense, he spells it out as clear as you possibly can with all the rhetorical flair of an old-school black baptist preacher:

You can go to the doctor and get cut up…
You can go down to the dress shop and get made up…
You can go down there and get drugged up…
But at the end of the day, you’re just a drugged-up, dressed up, made up, cut up man or woman.

You ain’t changed what God put in you.
You can’t transcend God’s creation. I don’t care HOW hard you try.

The transgender movement in this country, if there’s a movement in this country that’s demonic, and that is filled with the spirit of antiChrist, it is the transgender movement.

It’s time for grown-ups and time for Christians to start standing up and being unafraid to tell the truth.

Come after me if you want to. I don’t care.
You want my head? Here it is right here.
C’mon come get it.
I don’t care because it’s time for us to stand up. I’m not afraid to stand up and tell the truth about that issue. They’re dragging our kids into the pit of Hell trying to teach ’em that mess in our schools.
Tell ya like this. That ain’t got no place at no school!
2+2 don’t equal transgender.
It equals four.
We need to get back to teaching them how to read, instead of teaching them how to go to Hell.

For all the grief Trump gets, we sure are seeing a bunch of Republican leaders rediscover their voices since he crashed the party, don’t you think?

It’s one thing to HAVE convictions.
It’s quite another to have the testicular fortitude to DEFEND them.

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