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Male To Female Trans Killer Now ‘Identifies’ As A Baby — Demands Diapers And Baby Food

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This “self-identification” could simply be manipulation — but the prison is going along with it anyway.

Of course, it is. After all, it might be a crime to hurt the feelings of the… *checks notes* convicted murderer who is refusing a psych eval.

Daniel Eastwood, 36, a prisoner in Scotland who was dubbed “Hannibal Lecter Jr” by guards for his “manipulation and mind games” has now decided to identify as a baby after transitioning to live as a woman in 2016 and using the name “Sophie.”

Apparently cosplaying as a woman didn’t allow Eastwood to become his “authentic self” after all.

Eastwood is now identifying as a baby and wants the prison to provide him with diapers and baby food, and demands that guards hold his hand when he leaves the cell. The convicted killer has even been given a pacifier.

When Eastwood was 18, he was in a young offenders facility for dangerous driving. In 2004, when he was just a month away from release, he used shoelaces to strangle his cellmate, 22-year-old Paul Algie. Eastwood was given a life sentence for the murder.

Despite completing the 15-year mandatory minimum sentence in 2019, Eastwood hasn’t been considered for parole.

Eastwood claims that this is because of transgender identity and said in a 2020 interview, “The prison service wanted me to have a psychological assessment as I hadn’t had one since starting to live as female.” He added, “I felt this was sexist and transphobic. The SPS was implying that as a man I didn’t ­represent a risk to the public but as a woman I did. I don’t think there’s any evidence to support that.”

Gee, why would the prison demand a psychological evaluation of someone who kills his cellmate a month before release, identifies as a woman, then identifies as a baby a couple of years later?

After socially transitioning to live as a woman and taking testosterone blockers, Eastwood has been held at a women’s facility — Polmont prison in Falkirk.

Despite Eastwood’s well-known history of manipulation and attention-seeking behavior, the prison wardens are taking the demands seriously so they aren’t accused of human rights violations.

A source from the Scottish Prison Service told the paper: ‘This prisoner has been difficult and manipulative over the years, which is why she is still behind bars after 17 years.

‘She decided that she would “trans” from a man to woman, which is becoming more common in jails these days.

‘But this is obviously something else entirely.

‘The Scottish Prison Service has no protocol in place for dealing with prisoners who decide they are babies.’

The source claimed Eastwood’s continued imprisonment has nothing to do with her gender, but is because she refuses to ‘play by the rules’ or prepare for rehabilitation…

…The SPS source replied: ‘Eastwood is a complex person and intelligent but she is pretty demanding on the resources of the prison and enjoys being the centre of attention.’

She might just be ‘attention seeking’, they added.

Even so, the idea is being given ‘proper consideration’ for ‘human rights reasons’, they said.
Source: Daily Mail

What?! A manipulative prisoner might be abusing the system to drain resources and get attention? The hell you say!

We live in stupid times, and we can see clearly that the inmates really do run the asylum — or in this case, women’s prison.

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