Twitter Suspends Libs Of Tik Tok Account For ‘Hateful Conduct’

Written by K. Walker on April 14, 2022

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The censors at Twitter don’t like that Libs of Tik Tok exposes leftist insanity to the world.

As Elon Musk, Free Speech Absolutist continues to freak out the censorious leftist employees at Twitter with his attempt to return the microblogging platform to its original mission of being a platform for everyone, the current Overlords suspended a very popular account committed to exposing the left’s craziness.

Libs of Tik Tok has over 615K followers and has been cited on Tucker Carlson Tonight and The Joe Rogan Experience.

The woman who runs the Libs of Tik Tok account (and has somehow managed to remain anonymous) knew it was just a matter of time before the account was shut down.

Here is the account’s pinned tweet:

Well, she’s one day closer now.

On Wednesday, the Libs of Tik Tok account was suspended for 12 hours for violating Twitter’s policy against “hateful conduct.”

Babylon Bee’s CEO Seth Dillon announced the suspension on his Twitter account.

The policy states, “You may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.”

Libs of Tik Tok reposts the Tik Tok videos of leftwing nutbars and lately, the account has been zeroing in on twisted teachers who insist on introducing young children to topics about sex and gender without parental knowledge let alone consent.

Here’s a sample of some of the most recent posts:

Libs of Tik Tok is doing God’s work exposing these groomer teachers.

How does reposting what these leftist gender-cultists are admitting that they’re teaching kids in classrooms instead of reading and math “hateful conduct”?

Did “groomer teachers” suddenly become a protected class?

The Libs over at Twitter are clearly upset that Libs of Tik Tok isn’t just Not only is she exposing the insanity of the Left, she gets results. With her ability to draw attention to the grooming going on in classrooms, she’s been responsible for these twisted teachers getting fired. She explained that in a recent interview on the Ruthless Podcast.

This is clearly a warning to the account owner before tougher measures are enforced.

Recently, several other high-profile Twitter accounts have been suspended for similar violations of the same policy — Christian parody news site The Babylon Bee and their Editor-in-Chief Kyle Mann, Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Turning Point USA founder and President Charlie Kirk, and Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec, just to name a few.

FiveTimesAugust jumped in while Libs of Tik Tok was suspended with a song for those who missed watching the Libs melt down on video.

Full video here:


What a great song to dedicate to the intrepid, independent journalist who is risking her own sanity by scrolling through the Lib craziness on Tik Tok for hours a day just to expose the insanity that’s out there.

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