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VAERS Data Analysis: Numerous Health Problems Are More Likely From COVID Shots Than Coincidence

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Chalk it up to another one of the “unintended consequences” caused by the push for universal vaccination with new vaccines for a novel virus.

When these vaccines were first being developed, it was pretty exciting that there could be a vaccine within a year for a brand new virus that governments decided to shut down the world for.

However, it became increasingly clear that Big Pharma wasn’t exactly being completely forthcoming with the data that they were using to assure us that the vaccines were “safe and effective.”

And yet, some “public health experts” in North America are still pushing these shots on young children despite no long-term data. Other places, like Sweden, have decided that there is a risk but no real reward for giving kids the jab.

One risk from the mRNA vaccines was myocarditis and pericarditis — mainly affecting young men.

Inflammation of the heart tissue in teens and young men is now a well-known risk from the second shot, but there are other health problems that are still being investigated.

The World Health Organization found a potential link between the COVID-19 vaccines and hearing problems that can range from tinnitus (ringing in the ears) to hearing loss.

Dr. Greg Poland, a Mayo Clinic vaccinologist, said he also developed tinnitus after a COVID-19 shot. He calls the WHO report a “first step.”

The WHO research found more women than men reported hearing changes with the median onset being one day. Researchers said the people who reported these potential side effects tended to be young, healthy people. The median age was 49 for hearing loss and 48 for tinnitus.

Many experienced a quick recovery, although some found relief with steroid treatment, according to WHO.

“If we want to have vaccine confidence, we have to be transparent and all that we do,” Poland said. “If there are concerns over these issues, then the best thing to do is understand them and their relationship.” Despite unanswered questions about his ongoing ear ringing, Poland still recommends that people get vaccinated.
Source: ABC 15 Arizona

But it’s much more than that.

Over 21,000 deaths have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) since late 2020, and over 1 million reports of various health problems since the vaccines were introduced in late 2020.

Correlation does not equal causation — just because a health problem is discovered post-vaccination that doesn’t mean that the vaccine caused it.

Also, with the health care rationing that we saw in many places, this has been dismissed by many as a coincidence because underlying conditions were not discovered when many countries were locked down for months on end.

A deeper analysis of the data, however, appears to show that some of the adverse reactions are dose-dependent — some follow the first dose, others the second. For example, fainting and dizziness occur more commonly after the first dose, but myocarditis and pericarditis in teens follow the second dose.

However, a deeper analysis of the data indicates that many of the adverse effects are more than just a coincidence, according to Jessica Rose, a computational biologist who’s been studying the data for at least nine months.

“The safety signals being thrown off in VAERS now are off the charts across the board,” Rose told The Epoch Times…

…Rose acknowledged that statistical analysis seldom provides definitive answers. For instance, there could be some unknown factor that leads to more reports of unrelated health events after the first or second vaccine dose. In her view, however, the data leans away from such a conclusion.

Previous research shows that the majority of VAERS reports are filed by medical staff, who shouldn’t fail to report adverse events based on which dose is being administered. To Rose, it seems more likely that if people suffer health problems after an injection of a novel substance and if the problems substantially change between the first and the second shot, the substance probably had something to do with it.
Source: Epoch Times

Interestingly, adverse reaction reports were fewer once “boosters” were introduced. This could simply be because people who had an adverse reaction from the first or second shot were reluctant to get the third jab.

Heart issues and hearing loss in people who normally don’t experience those things. That’s a problem.

This is why insisting that everyone be vaccinated when we don’t have data about these shots is just plain wrong — informed consent used to be a thing that was valued in healthcare, and it’s been tossed by the wayside in the past year.

Individuals should be able to make their own risk/benefit analysis before getting the vaccines rather than having governments force them to take it to keep their jobs or participate in society.

Unfortunately, the authoritarians are still in charge.

Have you had it with the Prevaricating Authoritarian Smurf giving his pronouncements about the pandemic from on high? You’re not alone. Maybe it’s time to tell the diminutive bureaucrat who keeps moving the goalposts exactly what you think of him.

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