WOKE VS NOPE: How Two Big Corporations Dealt With The Cancel Culture Cultists

Written by Wes Walker on April 29, 2022

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Conventional wisdom is that the ‘go along to get along’ strategy in dealing with activist demands is better for the bottom line. Are they right?

We’ve got two big tech corps who have made very public choices. They’ve taken sides in the culture war. One threw in with the leftist demands and goosestepped right along with them. The other one told them to pound sand.

Let’s see how that worked out.

Netflix is one of those meteoric brands that became synonymous with its product. As far as name recognition within their industry goes they dominate the same way that Kleenex, Jello, or Google do in theirs. When the activists came out to hijack and subvert the company to repurpose it from a straightforward entertainment company into a propaganda delivery vehicle for the latest progressive flights of fancy.

Twerking twelve-year-olds was one of the low points that really tipped their hand for how far gone they were, but it was hardly the only one.

They did their part to push a Democrat agenda, push contempt for Trump and force-feed the country their own particular political worldview.

Spotify, on the other hand, told the wokesters they could go to Hell.

When they came looking for Joe Rogan’s scalp for daring to tell the world what treatment methods he personally used in his one-day recovery from the super-scary virus that came straight outta Wuhan?

Spotify laughed in their faces. Then a washed-up rocker made an ultimatum. Then some others joined in. The Obamas joined in.

Spotify refused to bend the knee.

Now that some time has passed in which these issues could work themselves out, the public has had an opportunity to vote with their wallets. Both corporations have reported their earning numbers, and they told one helluva story.

What those results told us is something those Jello-spined corporate board members might want to keep in mind.

Netflix has had a shift in viewership. It was significant: UH-OH: Netflix Gets HAMMERED In The Markets After Announcing Latest Customer Projections

Netflix shareholders have been getting the absolute snot kicked out of them in their share value.

Spotify, on the other hand, was the focus of targeted liberal boycotts. If boycotts did what they’re supposed to do, they would be bleeding red ink. But when they announced their earnings, the numbers told a different story.

It turns out that all the noise around Rogan’s podcast only served to bring more users to the platform and the left’s attempted boycott to punish Spotify for continuing to carry Rogan’s show backfired completely. “Spotify has managed to grow,” Engadget reported Wednesday, “despite a high-profile rebellion” launched by intolerant leftists:

The streaming giant today released updated financial results for the first quarter of 2022, revealing that it grew to 422 million monthly users. 182 million of which pay for Premium, with its stable of exclusive podcasts a big draw and one that Spotify is continually investing in.

Even though Spotify added a content advisory to Rogan’s show and noted that it didn’t endorse everything that he and his guests said on the podcast, herein lies an example that proves the reverse of “get woke, go broke” is true. Platforms acting as exactly that — platforms that allow a diverse collection of creators and views to share their content and allow a marketplace to decide what it likes and what it doesn’t — will succeed. — TownHall

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