HEY FACT-CHECKERS: Investigation Disproved Claims That DeSantis Cooked The Books On COVID Numbers

Written by Wes Walker on May 28, 2022

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Remember during the pandemic when the ‘authoritative’ news sources told us DeSantis was a black-hearted villain and Cuomo was a white knight charging in to save us?

Well, you can chalk up another ‘L’ for team Mainstream News.

They have yet another loss on their record as yet another story they pushed to discredit Desantis and hype the pandemic panic fell flat.

These clowns are really batting 1000, aren’t they?

Remember that ‘whistleblower’ who stepped forward claiming that the Governor was fudging the numbers on his COVID reporting? Rebekah Jones became an instant Democrat darling, despite a number of red flags popping up early on, punching holes in her story.

Back in May of 2020, we covered the story here: Media Touting Rebecka Jones, That Floridian Data ‘Whistleblower’, Just Got Some Bad News

We showed the holes in her story then. But the media isn’t interested in denouncing that as ‘misinformation’ or ‘disinformation’. You might think they’d care, since she has been, in the narrowest sense of the terms, ‘spreading false information about Covid data’.

She has parlayed that Democrat Darling status of hers into (what a surprise!) a political campaign. Here’s a screenshot from her campaign page.

Florida DOES deserve leaders with integrity, honesty, and courage.

Unfortunately for her, an investigation has disproved her claims. The implication of her running a campaign on disproven allegations would (ironically) be the precise diametrical OPPOSITE of ‘integrity, honesty, and courage’.

The Florida Department of Health’s Office of Inspector General found “insufficient” or no evidence that data scientist Rebekah Jones was told to manipulate or misrepresent pandemic numbers, NBC reported.

Jones, who ran Florida’s COVID-19 data dashboard, received national attention after accusing superiors of fudging data to bolster DeSantis’ case to ease restrictions.

Florida officials denied her charges from the outset.

…The investigation into her claims of data doctoring was handled by the Florida Department of Health’s Office of Chief Inspector General, Michael J. Bennett. —NYPost

Her Republican opponent is Matt Gaetz.

She objects to the investigation’s findings. Claims the results were rigged.

Perhaps she’ll find a way to tie Putin into her story next?

Or is it just a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy?

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