LAWSUIT: 4 Top Cops Accuse DeBlasio Of Throwing Them Out To Make Room For Minorities

Written by Wes Walker on May 10, 2022

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In today’s wok political culture, certain kinds of bigotry are pushed as a way of righting past wrongs. That doesn’t change the fact that such discrimination — when proven — is illegal.

That same law actually lies at the heart of an Achilles heel for racial-grievance activism claiming ‘systemic racism’. If you can show that someone has been harmed by some direct form of racial discrimination, the courts are a recourse for your grievance.

Considering how litigious the left is, you might think they would exercise this option all the time. Unless, of course, the real problem comes from knowing they can’t back up any of their allegations of being discriminated against.

In DeBlasio’s case, however, four plaintiffs are doing exactly that, with a complaint asserting that they were racially discriminated against by DeBlasio who wanted them out so that he could replace them with other employees who might be described being more ‘racially diverse’.

Mayor Bill de Blasio described forcing out a pioneering white female NYPD chief, as well as three other chiefs, as merely “the human reality for a few individuals” as he sought in 2017 to burnish his credentials on race, emails obtained through a lawsuit reveal.

The new details on de Blasio and former First Lady Chirlane McCray’s influence on NYPD personnel decisions emerged through an ongoing lawsuit filed by former Chief of Community Affairs Joanne Jaffe, who was the NYPD’s first female three-star chief.

After Chief of Department Carlos Gomez, who is of Cuban descent, abruptly retired in 2017, de Blasio moved to increase people of color in high-ranking positions in the NYPD. De Blasio and McCray wanted the senior staff at 1 Police Plaza to reflect not just the demographics of the NYPD, but of the city as a whole, according to the suit.

Fulfilling that goal for the mayor required the ouster of four white chiefs, including Jaffe, according to an amended complaint filed Friday. — NYDailyNews

Inexplicably, DeBlasio’s wife is said to have played a role in the interview process.

Among the evidence cited is the peculiar fact that DeBlasio went out of his way to insist that the incoming 3-star chief be introduced in a way that included her maiden name, Irizarry — which she had no longer been using since her marriage, back in 1992. Clearly, appearances and racial identity were top-of-mind for DeBlasio.

O’Neill pushed out Jaffe, Chief of Citywide Operations Thomas Purtell, Chief of Personnel Diane Pizzuti and Chief of Transit Joseph Fox in January 2018.

O’Neill called Jaffe into his office on Jan. 8 and ordered her to file for retirement within four days, according to the suit. The meeting lasted less than a minute. Until then, she had no intention to retire.

O’Neill’s top aide, First Deputy Commissioner Benjamin Tucker, allegedly told Pizzuti that same day, “We don’t have a spot for you.” Pizzuti, the NYPD’s first female chief of personnel, settled her discrimination lawsuit against the city in 2020 for $330,000. — NYDailyNews

Just because running roughshod over some peoples’ rights will make you popular with the woke crowd, doesn’t mean you won’t pay any consequences in real life.

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