WHISTLEBLOWERS CLAIM: Medical Database Unreliable After DOD Scrubbed Covid Vax Harm Data

Written by Wes Walker on May 11, 2022

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Those calls to believe the science rest on a critical assumption: that the information from which you are drawing your conclusions are objectively true.

For that information to be reliable, it needs to include the full range of relevant information whether or not it conforms to a researcher’s a priori expectation.

To the degree that data is cherrypicked to support a preferred result, that information has become corrupted and should be seen as discredited. It might be useful to someone as a marketing talking point, or political propaganda, but it has no merit as science proper.

If a group of military whistleblowers is correct, that is precisely the kind of corruption that has afflicted the medical databases in DOD as they suppress some of the negative consequences connected with the C-19 vaccine.

It began with data showing a reported spike in miscarriages, myocarditis, and cancer across the members of the military in the time since the COVID vaccine became mandatory. The reason this reporting was important was that it tracked medical treatments across an entire population, using the procedure code attached to each.

Several doctors were alarmed by what they found but were blocked from taking meaningful action within the system. Instead of investigating, the worrisome records were altered. In light of that, whistleblowing doctors, like Lt. Col. Peter Chambers, are now delivering relevant information directly into the hands of Sen. Ron Johnson, who has been leading investigations into Covid questions.

DOD took down, edited and restored the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database earlier this year after whistleblowers including Chambers testified on the reported spike in a legal challenge.

The department told PolitiFact — not Johnson, who had sent two letters on the matter — the 2021 spike was the product of a “glitch” that caused severe underreporting of 2016-2020 figures. That would mean the military underreported cases by about 20 million a year during that period, whistleblower lawyer Tom Renz said.

Johnson responded by demanding DOD preserve unaltered records, which a DOD spokesperson said had happened.

Chambers told Just the News that DMED used to be more trustworthy than the government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System but now it’s “completely unusable” because DOD changed many diagnoses that suggested vaccine injury after the military doctors went public. — JustTheNews

Medical databases like this one are important and useful if they are used for spotting trends across a population. But if politically-motivated individuals are editing the content to fit neatly within a political narritave they lose their value for medical applications.

Perhaps, for some, that loss of value may be offset by the value they have gained for political or marketing uses.

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