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Who Really Wins and Who Loses in the Environmentalist Fantasy?

The US energy market has had a wonderful surplus of natural gas for the last few years. That unusual situation lowered electricity costs and food costs all across the country. Lower energy costs made everything cheaper… for a while. That may change drastically in the near future with some forecasts showing that annual energy costs will double by the winter of 2022-23. That price increase will hurt everyone, but some of us much more so than others. Energy-socialism will decimate the poor more than the rich.

We are not all the same. People who live within a few miles of west coast of California and the gulf coast of Florida have a moderate climate. Contrast that with hot summers and cold winters in the Midwest. Think about the expensive heating costs that are common in the upper Midwest and New England states. Even if you don’t drive a diesel truck, you might have noticed the shocking price at the pump because the price of heating oil parallels the price of diesel fuel. That price increase isn’t an unforeseen accident.

Joe Biden shut down new pipelines and killed energy exploration for a million acres. That is exactly what candidate Biden said he would do during the debates. He kept his word, and then tried to shift the blame for soaring gas prices to the distraction-of-the-day. Biden said falling US energy production was because of Putin. The insanity doesn’t stop there.

Nuclear power is environmentally green by any rational measurement, but only a crazy man would try to build a nuclear power plant in the USA. No one would risk the billion-dollar investment when it could be held hostage by the next crazy-environmentalist congressman.

Germany shut down its low-carbon nuclear power plants and now is held hostage by Russia for natural gas. California did the same, and now California buys much of its power from out of state suppliers. We’re going to feel hotter in the summer and colder in the winter, but that isn’t because of global warming or “climate change”. That is because of the last election and Democrats’ environmentalist policies.

Look for more of us living in the style reminiscent of a soviet apartment block; the rent will be sky high, but one-family-to-a-room is all we can afford to heat or cool thanks to the Democrats in power. It will be hard to maintain the remote lifestyle typical in western states where you have to drive an hour to reach a Walmart once a week. That means our marginal ranchers will leave the meat market because of policies imposed by urban Democrats.

Other things will change as well. A few months ago we had companies begging employees to come back to the office for work. With high energy prices and political uncertainty as the new normal, we will see companies telling us that we have to work from home for at least part of the year. Employers will save money by letting the office cool down in the winter and heat up in the summer. The laptop-class will become seasonal commuters. That hurts the northern urban centers that provided so many Democrat votes in congress.

While that shifting work schedule might seem feasible for the laptop-class, it won’t work for businesses in which employees touch their product. Companies who have real employees in the building will consider heading to the south and south-west. Some energy producing states have large tracts of lands that are in private hands and available for energy exploration. Those states will be particularly attractive to business. I’m excluding states like New Mexico, Nevada, and California where most of the land is controlled by the Federal government. Oklahoma and parts of west Texas might see a larger than expected population influx.

Energy prices are embedded into everything we do. Obviously a taxi ride will be more expensive, but so will a pair of sneakers, a water bottle, and a bananna. Expect the rent for housing to increase since new houses became so much more expensive. Rent will go up for businesses since new office space is harder to build. At a personal level, expect our natural gas and electricity bills to rise as we heat and cool our homes and apartments. Again, since energy prices are embedded in everything we do, we can expect our food prices to continue to rise.

Rather than lower the costs of electric cars, the soaring cost of energy will increase the price of all automobiles. Total car sales will fall. We will have less disposable income since energy bills will take so many of the dollars that were already shrunk by Bidenflation.

Unemployment will increase as businesses have fewer customers and more businesses become unprofitable. The only good news is that the crashing economy will slow the increasing cost of office and warehouse space. The bad news is that unemployment will rise at the same time that prices will soar.

Selling green fairy tales is easy while making real progress is hard. The Democrats environmentalist fantasy did not hand us the green utopia they promised. Sure you can power your house with solar power.. if you pay much much more for your house. That is a poor solution when so many of our Democrat controlled cities already face soaring housing prices. Forcing the poor to “go green” means the poor have to pay more in rent and may never save enough money to afford a home of their own.

“Going green” was a solution of the elites, by the elites, and for the wealthy elites. These elites have no idea how their energy, their food, or the products they buy are made. We let confident fools make decisions for us.

Unofficial rate of inflation

Natural gas is used to make fertilizer. Expensive natural gas makes food more expensive around the world. Food prices have risen by a third in the last year. I hope you can afford to pay more but many of us can’t. The envioronmentalists politics of the Democrats in power will bring famine here and around the world.

Higher energy prices made all of us poorer. We are poorer today and our children will be poorer tomorrow. This isn’t a surprise or an accident. Instead, this is exactly what the green-socialists wanted and Democrat politicians delivered. Both the Democrats and the Greens think there are too many people on the planet. They want us gone. This is exactly what some of us voted for as Joe Biden and the Democrats seized office.

For all the pain that this causes in the affluent United States, I’ve already seen people struggle to pay their bills in Mexico. I can only imagine the hardship this surge in prices has caused around the world. I wonder if this is a plan to crush the third-world economies and force more immigrants into the USA. Worldwide, we have been lifting over a hundred thousand people a day out of poverty. First Covid and now rising energy and fertilizer prices are slowing that progress and in some cases reversing it.

Bad economic decisions cost lives around the world. Society works better when people make decisions for themselves. Democrat voters created this hardship. Fortunately the US has options that many poor countries don’t have. We can elect better politicians.. maybe.




Rob Morse

Rob Morse works and writes in Southwest Louisiana. He writes at Ammoland, at his Slowfacts blog, and here at Clash Daily. Rob co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast, and hosts the Self-Defense Gun Stories Podcast each week.

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