DEADLINE TODAY: New Massive Military Layoffs Loom For Anyone Not Vaxxed By Day’s End

Written by Wes Walker on June 30, 2022

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Putin has declared war in Europe, China swallowed Hong Kong and is licking their lips over Taiwan, Iran is on the verge of going nuclear … and THIS is how Biden shows his ‘love’ of our military?

If the woke indoctrination efforts, the firing of good leaders, the elevation of bad ones, the net loss in military spending after inflation, and the gift of billions of dollars of American military hardware and technology weren’t bad enough — things are about to get worse.

Joe never misses any opportunity to drop his dead son’s name into a conversation to show how much he loves the military. But the same Biden administration that has been fighting tooth-and-nail to end Title 42 restrictions at the border is STILL insisting that anyone in the military who hasn’t gotten a COVID-19 vaccine should be given the pink slip.

This is the same jab that has shown no significant ability to stop either infection or transmission, and at best offers the unfalsifiable claim that symptoms for the infected would have been so much worse if the vaccine were not given at all.

Obama once jeered that ‘elections have consequences. He wasn’t kidding.

The consequences 2020 is having on our military readiness can be seen in a devastating thread Re Mike Johnson published on his social media account.

Here is a better look at the chart he attached to that tweet:

The problem is not just keeping the veterans we already have, it also includes bringing in the next generation.

At this point, Biden seems more interested in equipping Ukraine’s military readiness than in making sure ours is up to scratch. A cynic might say that China’s investments in the Biden family sure do seem to be paying off.

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