Dear Pastor: Are You Finally Finished Obeying Little Lord Fauci?

Written by Doug Giles on June 8, 2022

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We’ve just finished those two years to slow the spread. We’ve learned about what kind of authority the world thinks they have over the Church. But what has the Church learned in that same window of time?

Has the church learned anything about ‘not being able to serve two masters’?

Has the church learned anything about fearing man rather than God?

Has the church learned anything about where it really — I mean REALLY — anchors its hope and trust?

What about those scriptures about standing strong in the face of governmental opposition?

The two years the world spent in a government-imposed Time Out gave us plenty of time for soul-searching and reflection. Did we take the time out from binging shows on Netflix to learn anything?

Let’s find out: how would you (or your pastor) answer these 6 simple questions?

Want to know more about the book? Here’s what I said in the video:

Good Lawd! My latest book is officially out and destined to kick major demonic ass. A lot of Pastors bought into Little Lord F@uci’s BS about the Wuh@n Wheezer. Pastors and churches were saddled with the same mass delusional psychosis that the unwashed masses were. This book takes that nonsense head on. It also steels up the will of pastors and congregants to live bold, wild and free in the face of draconian overlords. There’s no book like this one that goes where I go in addressing the last two years of embarrassing ecclesiastical capitulation to anti-theistic dipsticks who loathe our liberty in Christ. Available on Amazon NOW. Great fodder for epic small group Bible studies, fo’ sho’. If your pastor obeyed the C0VIDict@tors maybe buy him a copy 🤣 Enjoy and share 👊🔥👊

Dear Christian: Your Fear Is Full of Crap

by Doug Giles

Beginning in March 2020, many Christians went into lockdown-freak-out mode.

They “socially distanced” themselves from corporate worship and from pretty much everyone and everything else, except, of course, liquor, and grocery stores.

Uncut, irrational, unbiblical, and not to mention, unconstitutional, fear gripped many churches and church leaders.

Should pastors publicly repent if they obeyed Fauci in regard to how they conducted their ministry instead of adhering to the clear commands of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords?

That’s a legit question, eh?

Get your copy of Dear Christian: Your Fear Is Full of Crap now. Better yet, grab an extra copy for any petrified pastor who dutifully put obedience to the unconstitutional edicts of Mayor McCheese ahead of obedience to the explicit commandments of the LORD God Almighty.