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Elmo Promotes COVID Shots For Tots And New Disney Show Says Men Can Have Periods (VIDEO)

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The “Progressives” have no qualms at all about indoctrinating very young children with their worldview. Here are just two examples…

On Tuesday, Sesame Street posted a video of Elmo and his dad, Louie, talking about the COVID vaccine for children under age 5.

The video was sponsored by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as the American Academy of Pediatrics.

No word if Pfizer was involved.

It turns out that the red, furry muppet (who is supposed to be 3 years old,) has over 400,000 followers on Twitter. Elmo tweeted to his many, many followers that even though his puppet parents had a lot of questions about the COVID shot, he was so happy that they subjected him to it anyway so he could be just like them.

He also says that his doctor said that “the vaccine would help keep Elmo healthy and all of Elmo’s friends and family, too!”

With all the “breakthrough” cases, how is this being taken seriously?

For people who are all about “consent” when it comes to sex, this idea that “informed consent” when giving mRNA jabs to babies and toddlers isn’t necessary is kind of a weird juxtaposition. Even though the video makes it all sound like there’s medical consensus on the need to jab the kiddies, the trial data doesn’t really show that the shots are very effective.

There are a lot of questions by a variety of medical experts about the data used to justify the COVID vaccine for very young children.

The U.S. Is The First Country To Give COVID Jabs To Babies And Toddlers — Experts Question The Data Behind It

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) had thoughts on Sesame Street suddenly pushing COVID shots for tots…

Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised. Sen. Cruz also criticized the propaganda when Big Bird got his jab.

‘P’ IS FOR PROPAGANDA: President Biden Congratulates Big Bird For Getting COVID Vaccine

I’m old enough to remember when Sesame Street was about teaching kids the alphabet and how to count and the “people in your neighborhood” instead of shilling for Big Pharma.

Meanwhile, the ideologically-captured Disney is pushing its “not so secret gay agenda” into a new show on Disney+ that is a spin-off from the “Big Hero 6” film.

In a clip posted by Chris Rufo, the beloved personal healthcare robot-turned hero, Baymax, is in a grocery store and asks a fellow customer about recommendations for menstrual products. After an awkward moment, the female character offers Baymax a box of tampons and another says she prefers pads and a third, who is a man wearing a t-shirt with the transgender flag stripes on it says that he likes the ones with wings.

First of all, why is it necessary to discuss tampons and menstrual pads on a children’s television show in the first place?

That’s weird.

Second — no matter how much the left wants to insist that it is possible — men cannot have periods.

Is the character wearing the trans flag shirt supposed to be a woman who has a deep, male voice and still has her period, or is it supposed to be a delusional man who thinks he is having a menstrual cycle? Who knows?

Unlike real life, the character looks like a burly, biological male, so it’s kind of difficult to tell.

But of course, no one actually believes this. It’s just that most people are afraid of being called a “transphobe” by the activist bullies that insist that you agree with their worldview or they’ll make your life a living hell.

Anyone who has taken high school biology knows that we’re a sexually dimorphic species meaning we are male and female — and that’s it. Only females menstruate. Males do not have the biological capacity to have a menstrual cycle. Changing labels to prevent hurt feelings doesn’t change that.

The point of this is to normalize the idea that men can have periods in a children’s television show. It’s blatant propaganda that pushes the radical gender theory that has no basis in science or reality. But they’re doing it anyway because being honest and telling people that they can’t change their biological reality is somehow insensitive.

What’s really insensitive is lying to them and letting them live in a delusion that has ripple effects on things like women’s sports, women’s spaces, and even things many people don’t mention like… healthcare data.

For example, did you know that men and women can show different signs when they have a heart attack? How would that affect someone whose I.D. and outward presentation are of one gender when their biological reality is different? Being more concerned about their feelings of gender dysphoria could literally cost them their lives in a medical emergency.

But hey, let’s just woke all of the things anyway to be “inclusive” and to hell with healthcare data! It’s not like this information is useful or saves lives, right?

So much for “if it saves just one life”, eh?

We live in incredibly stupid times.

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