GUN CONTROL: Democrats Aren’t Even PRETENDING To Care About The Constitution

Written by Wes Walker on June 3, 2022

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Not only are the Democrats planning not to ‘let a crisis go to waste’ some are drawing a line in the sand saying they will burn down any pretense of America remaining a Republic to do so.

‘Soul of a nation?’

‘Return to normalcy?’

What do the moderates who didn’t like mean tweets think about that now that we have Democrats openly saying they are NOT interested in using the legislative process in the way the Framers they want.

They are more than willing to use naked power to bypass every check and balance put in place to prevent one faction from putting a personal agenda ahead of the good of the nation.

If they can’t pass this bill? Blow up the filibuster.

If SCOTUS tells them it’s unconstitutional? Pack the courts with people who won’t.

If you want to track the progress of the Bill he’s so willing to wipe his ass with the Constitution to push forward, you can find it here.

Tim Young made a good point:

It kinda does.

Forget the half-million to a million crimes that studies even in Obama’s White House had indicated that gun ownership has averted in a year, or all the victims saved by that.

Forget the fact that Schumer and Reid blocked legislation that would have

Forget that these same clowns wrapped themselves in fences and surrounded themselves with armed protection for Biden’s inauguration at tremendous taxpayer expense. When it’s their skin in the game, they harden the target so murderous slobs can’t waltz in and rain Hell on innocents.

But when it comes to our kids? They won’t ramp up protection.

They’ll just nationalize the same policy approaches that have reduced Democrat urban strongholds into wastelands of violent crime.

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