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Is Newly-Banned Partisan Catchphrase Sign That CNN’s Management Wants REAL News?

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For years now, CNN personalities have taken obvious pride in being openly hostile to Trump and Trump voters. Is the new boss actually making good on his plan to take CNN in a new direction?

With CNN’s ratings in free-fall for years, especially since they lost that staple of Trump stories serving as fodder for their few rabid viewers, Zucker’s successor was going to shake things up.

Early reports suggested their plan going forward might entail dialing back the open partisanship and reporting actual news. It’s crazy enough that it might just work — if they can find anyone still willing to report down-the-middle news.

How seriously can we take such reports? Here at ClashDaily, we are firmly in the ‘believe-it-when-we-see-it’ camp. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t early signs pointing to an optimistic outcome.

One in particular caught our notice, even if it does come with an asterisk.

CNN’s new boss Chris Licht has ordered staff to stop using the phrase ‘the big lie’ to describe Donald Trump’s 2020 election fraud claims, as it’s a Democrat slogan.

The wording is a popular one for the network. According to Mediaite, the phrase has been said 168 times in the first half of June alone.

Hosts like Reliable Sources’ Brian Stelter are often fond of the phrase to the point where they use it prominently in graphic packages and chyrons. —DailyMail

Why are Democrats so enamored of that particular phrase? Because it allows them to draw a gratuitous Nazi connection to Trump since the phrase ‘Big Lie’ has its origns stemming from Nazi propaganda tactics. Reports are that this is the exact reason Licht doesn’t want the phrase invoked.

If the story ended there, it might be charitably interpreted as a fantastic sign that CNN’s brass are more interested in talking about the news than they are in framing the story in a particular way. But unfortunately, it continues.

But Licht has ordered Stelter and other journalists to stop, and has suggested ‘Trump’s election lie’ or ‘election lie’ as possible replacements.

He issued the edict days after warning staff over their incessant use of ‘BREAKING NEWS’ graphics on stories, which he said was melodramatic, and ultimately diluted the power of big stories when they did break.

We can’t help but notice CNN has no such scruples of requiring them to tag Hillary’s ‘Russia’ allegations or Stacey Abrams’s ridiculous claims of winning the Georgia Governor’s race with the same Nazi terminology.

Staffers were predictably upset by having some of their favorite weaponized language taken from them.

CNN employees have suggested that the demand to stop saying the big lie was not met happily by people within the Atlanta-based network.

‘It’s worrisome that we’re being told how to talk about one of the worst things that ever happened to American democracy,’ a CNN insider said to Mediaite. ‘We have to call lies, lies, whether they’re small lies or big lies. Is there any lie bigger than that lie?’

…’It seems to indicate where things are headed,’ they added. ‘We didn’t have this problem until John Malone was sitting on the board of this company.’

Have what problem, exactly? The ‘problem’ of someone telling you that it’s not CNN’s job as a news agency to publish partisan propaganda? How tragic that your employer would put such an ‘unfair’ constraint on you.

Is it any wonder that CNN is having so much trouble shaking the label Trump gave them?

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