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MSNBC Warns That ‘Christian Nationalists’ Are Taking Over The Republican Party

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Oh. So we’re back to the Left’s old fearmongering about the “Religious Right” again. How nice.

Some on the left seem to be very upset that Christians are able to express their views on anything at all — especially when it comes to politics.

Ja’han Jones is the lead blogger on the companion blog to MSNBC’s Race Lady, Joy Reid’s show, The Reid Out.

On Friday, Jones wrote a blog post that was tweeted out by MSNBC.

Jones is very concerned that there is a “religious crusade” happening in the United States right now. No, really… that’s his argument.

If you were at the center of a religious crusade, do you think you’d be able to detect it?

I ask because it’s becoming increasingly clear that the United States is under siege by Christian fundamentalists and traditionalists.

An interesting analogy.

Let’s not forget that the Crusades were a response to hundreds of years of Muslim aggression taking control of the Holy Land as well as trade routes. It was messy, complicated, and brutal, but it was also a fight for continued existence as Islam advanced to Europe’s doorstep and prevented pilgrimages to the birthplace of Christendom.

By the Middle Ages, an elite militia called the Janissaries was formed by captured/surrendered Christian boys who were brainwashed and became killing machines for the Ottoman Empire.

Isn’t that what the Left is doing in schools now with the introduction of radical critical theory ideologies of race and gender and pushing leftwing activism in K-12 and university classrooms while kids fall behind on literacy and numeracy?

Interestingly, that’s not what Jones is talking about at all.

No, he’s very upset because of a January 6, 2021, text exchange between Mark Meadows, Trump’s White House Chief of Staff at the time, and Ginni Thomas, a staunch Republican who is the wife of Justice Clarence Thomas.

“This is a fight of good versus evil,” reads the text that Meadows allegedly wrote to Thomas, “Evil always looks like the victor until the King of Kings triumphs.”

Jones says that this language is indicative of “Christian nationalism” because Meadows was trying to overturn the election and invoking God as he did so.

Keep in mind that this was a man working to undermine millions of Americans’ right to vote — and in God’s name no less. That gall shouldn’t surprise you. We’re witnessing an exposure of white, Christian nationalism in this country like never before in modern history. And in recent years, we’ve heard some of the most antidemocratic and violent voices from that movement take more prominent roles in their push for power.

It seems he is fixated on Republicans questioning the results of the 2020 election when just four years before, a massive number of Democrats believed that Trump was illegitimately elected.

Jones is pretty snarky for someone who dismisses religion influencing one’s life. While referring to Trump-backed Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano invoking God regarding the 2020 election, Jones wrote, “I just spoke with God for this post, and they denied being part of Mastriano’s plan. But I digress.”

These are the same people that say that asking for ID for voting is racist and that any restrictions on voting whatsoever is akin to Jim Crow. Georgia’s recent election turnout should really put that lie to rest, but you know it won’t.

Jones insists that Christians want to impose a theocracy rather than allow their faith to instruct their political views.

He’s thrilled that the Democrat-leaning Regime Media is giddily ginning up discrimination against the “Religious Right” just as they did when Reagan was President.

Media, for its part, seems more equipped now than in years past to call out Christian nationalism for being the dangerous, theocratic belief system it is. On Sunday, The Associated Press published an article titled “Christian nationalism on the rise in some GOP campaigns.” The piece focused heavily on the Republican gubernatorial nominee in Pennsylvania, Doug Mastriano, a state senator backed by former President Donald Trump. He supported Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election, invoking God along the way.

Many on the Left want Christians to leave their Christianity at church and not allow it to influence public policy, personal conviction, or even the way that they raise their kids.

This is how they believe that the pro-abortionists President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi can still be “devout Catholics” while rejecting the sanctity of live, one of the very basic doctrines of the Catholic church.

All this exposure is serving its purpose, drawing the ugliness of Christian nationalism out of the shadows so it can be seen, publicly, for what it is: oppressive,far-right conservatism wrapped in scripture.
Source: The Reid Out Blog

Has he seen what churches are like these days? There’s a whole lot of “go along to get along” stuff going on in Christianity today.

Are Modern Christians Church Men Or Church Mice?

Now, I don’t know Jones and what his beliefs are, but if his tweets are a signal, he seems to have a bit of bias against Christianity and he doesn’t seem to understand the foundations of the nation.

Ah, yes. Vladimir Putin is a “Christian nationalist”…

Here is Ja’han tweeting about Christians supporting Trump in 2017.

Here he is tweeting in 2020 not recognizing that whatever it is that Trump believes, he was a staunch defender of religious freedoms. Far more than “devout Catholic” Joe Biden is.

Despite most Americans identifying themselves as Christian, he doesn’t think that Christianity has a place in politics…

…when it’s clearly Christian thought that informed and inspired the Founders to make American democracy what it is. The United States is the most tolerant and inclusive country on the planet and that is because of its overtly Judeo-Christian roots.

If this weren’t the case, there wouldn’t be a heated debate between Sohrab Amari and David French on what conservatism really means in our culture. David French says that things like Drag Queen Story Hour are “blessings of liberty” that have been enabled by the foundations of Christianity and Amari says that as conservatives, we shouldn’t be encouraging things that undermine those very foundations. That’s a very basic summary, but the argument itself is nuanced with both sides making excellent points.

If the “Religious Right” was unified on pushing Christian nationalism, that argument wouldn’t be happening and dividing Christians of good faith on both sides of that debate.

John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Many Christians take that to heart. Some on the left appear to take issue with that.

Oh, well.

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