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MYOCARDITIS: New Questions About Health Risks Known PRIOR To Enforcement Of Federal Jab Mandates

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We’re now well into the information-gathering phase of the pandemic, taking stock of what we’ve learned, what went right, and what went very, very wrong. And one report points strongly into that last category.

By now, everyone who wanted the vaccine has had one, and anyone who didn’t want it has declined. Except for those few people who are still facing imminent job losses for non-compliance…

… the debate is pretty much over.

It was May or June of 2021 when we first started talking about Myocarditis. It started showing up among otherwise healthy young men in Connecticut. Health officials in June of ’21 were quick to dismiss concerns of any link between the vaccine and the symptoms. Here’s one example of that boilerplate nothing-to-see-here respone from Delaware.

That story was in response to the sort of story being shared by NBCBoston

Some young people in New England have shown symptoms of heart problems after receiving the COVID-19 vaccines, public health data obtained by NBC10 Boston shows.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is currently investigating after a small number of teens and young adults reported having heart problems after being vaccinated against coronavirus.

…At least 18 teens and young adults in Connecticut have shown symptoms of heart problems after receiving the vaccine, according to the state’s acting health commissioner.

Rhode Island has had one confirmed case of myocarditis in a vaccinated person, a spokeswoman confirmed. —NBCBoston

Take note of that Rhode Island reference. We’ll be coming back to it shortly.

To this day, self-styled fact-checking websites like Politifact go out of their way to explain that myocarditis is a modest risk when compared to the benefits offered by the vaccine.

We’ll leave that controversy for the guys in labcoats to fight over. But for context, at least until 2020 came along and redrew all the maps on our medical norms, it seems the ‘not a big deal’ approach to myocarditis was NOT the majority view of the condition’s severity. So say the doctors on this video.

ClashDaily ran an interview in March of ’22 where medical experts were discussing all things COVID and vaccine-related, including questions about how seriously we should take concerns about myocarditis. Unlike the doctors who said myocarditis is no big deal, Dr. Drew pulled no punches about what medicine thought about that condition until 2019:

DREW: ‘Before these vaccines, myocarditis was a freaking medical emergency. First of all, rare. You rarely saw it. But if you did, that person is going into the hospital right now. They could die any second with an arrhythmia, they could end up with a cardio transplant b/c of a cardiomyopathy, and you don’t know where it’s going and it was a serious medical emergency. And people talk about it like yeah one in 1500, one in 3000 myocarditis, so what? — So WHAT???? This is one of the more devastating medical problems you could have. — Read the rest here

Ok, so if myocarditis was, until that point in time, considered serious, you’d think the medical trials would flag that as an important risk factor if they saw any evidence at all that it was a risk factor… right?

You might hope so. But is that what really happened?

Andrew Bostom has brought a serious omission to the public’s attention.

We already saw evidence of the risk of Myocarditis long before May. But, as he claims, that information was excluded from the study data.

Remember that case from Rhode Island mentioned in the news story? That happened in MARCH. He was hospitalized with chest pain only 2 days after dose #2. Diagnosis was myocarditis. For those of you who like the dry technical details, have at ‘er:

Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) case report of a 20 year-old hospitalized in Rhode Island during March, 2021 for post-Pfizer Covid-19 mRNA vaccine-induced myopericarditis. The VAERS report records a 20 year old male initially vaccinated with Pfizer’s Covid-19 mRNA vaccine on 2/26/21, 2nd dose 3/18/21, developing chest pain on 3/20/21, and being hospitalized through the Emergency Department on 3/22/21, for 3-days. Electrocardiogram, imaging studies, & troponin elevation were all consistent with acute myopericarditis. Patient was hospitalized for 3-days. He was SARSCOV2 negative on PCR, & also SARSCOV2 nucleocapsid antibody negative, both consistent with no current or recent SARSCOV2 infection. The rest of his work-up for other viral etiologies of myopericarditis was negative. Link to full VAERS pdf report for VAERS ID 1347752-1 can be downloaded here: VAERS ID 1347752-1
Corroborative data from Rhode Island Department of Health 2021 deidentified dataset on all hospitalizations in the state: 20 year old white male, from Florida, hospitalized at The Miriam Hospital for a primary diagnosis of (myo)pericarditis during March, 2021 for a 3-day length of stay. — Source

What else does that source go on to say?

He explains his reasoning for thinking we had ample reason to believe there was a statistically significant number of other cases that should have at least given us reason to tread carefully with respect to unintended consequences of the vaccine… in particular, myocarditis.

When we’ve got governments and employers putting a gun to our heads, saying ‘do this or else’, and it involves injecting an unproven compound into your body, people have a right to informed consent — which includes being told the known risks BEFORE you take an irreversable step.

Since we know we will face such questions in the future, it is imperative that we fix these problems before we face them again.

Let your voice be heard while you can still have one.

Dear Christian: Your Fear Is Full of Crap

by Doug Giles

Beginning in March 2020, many Christians went into lockdown-freak-out mode.

They “socially distanced” themselves from corporate worship and from pretty much everyone and everything else, except, of course, liquor, and grocery stores.

Uncut, irrational, unbiblical, and not to mention, unconstitutional, fear gripped many churches and church leaders.

Should pastors publicly repent if they obeyed Fauci in regard to how they conducted their ministry instead of adhering to the clear commands of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords?

That’s a legit question, eh?

Get your copy of Dear Christian: Your Fear Is Full of Crap now. Better yet, grab an extra copy for any petrified pastor who dutifully put obedience to the unconstitutional edicts of Mayor McCheese ahead of obedience to the explicit commandments of the LORD God Almighty.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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