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Postmates Food Delivery Service Promotes ‘Bottom-Friendly Menu’ For ‘Pride’ Month

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After watching this ad, you won’t look at peaches or eggplants the same way again.

You could blame the people who use the emojis in a suggestive way, of course, (eggplants as a shorthand for penis and peaches as a backside) but even that seems rather innocent in comparison.

Do you remember back in the old days — like the 1980s and early ’90s — when the ever-expanding LGBTQIA+ was simply the “GBL” and just wanted privacy?

Yeah, those days are looong gone.

Everything done in the month of June must now give homage to the idol of “PRIDE” and it is noticed when a company doesn’t post the rainbow and assert that they are “allies”.

Postmates, a food delivery company, has decided to advertise their service during the month of June while bowing and scraping at the altar of “PRIDE” with a sodomy-friendly menu. No, unfortunately, this is not satire.

It was quite overt.

The company partnered with sexual health and wellness expert Dr. Evan Goldstein to develop the menu and comedian Rob Anderson, who narrates the ad. A “bottom” refers to someone who engages in certain sexual positions.

“What are you eating this pride? Well, if you’re a top, it seems like you can eat whatever you want,” the narrator states as an eggplant dressed in what appears to be dominatrix-style clothing eats a taco. “But if you’re a bottom, you’re expected to starve?”

The bottoms are portrayed as peaches and the ad lists various types of foods one should avoid such as whole grains, wheat bran, cauliflower and potatoes. The reason, according to the ad, is that those foods don’t dissolve in water, causing a “traffic jam in the digestive system,” which can make “a mess of your evening.”

Dairy should be avoided as well, the ad states. Friendly foods include white rice, citrus, peas, fish and sushi, which digest easily. The menu is only available for Postmates users in New York City and Los Angeles.
Source: Fox News

Here is the ad.

This is probably not what is meant by that old marketing mantra, “sex sells.”

How much more explicit can an ad get?

Wait. Forget that I asked that. I’m sure someone will try to outdo this.

Postmates was encouraged by some social media users and even responded to one by replying, “We’re tired of heterosexual sex being the main focus of sexual education. Homosexual sex, specifically bottoming, is all too often omitted and stigmatized. Not this year. Happy Pride!”

Yes, because it’s very important for a *checks notes*… food delivery company to weigh in on the stigmatization of specific sexual positions.

That’s not weird at all, right?

It seems that in the year of Our Lord 2022, you must not simply be tolerant and accepting of people who have a different sexual orientation and let them do what they do in private, you must applaud open discussions about sodomy in advertisements for food delivery.

Oh, and as for being “inclusive” well, the ad says to avoid dairy… does Postmates not know that June is National Dairy Month? You’d think that they’d pay attention to that since that’s a little more in their wheelhouse, but… I guess not. Bigots.

If you’re planning on boycotting Postmates for this pandering ad, don’t forget that it’s owned by Uber.

While some social media users praised the “inclusivity” of Postmates, they also received a significant amount of criticism online.

Tim Pool was not mincing words — he just said what everyone was thinking rather bluntly.

Yep. That about sums it up.

The depravity and baseness of our culture have sunk to new lows.

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