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WATCH: Clueless Joe Says That Americans Are More ‘Financially Comfortable’ Since He took Office

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What world do Democrats live in? They clearly don’t seem to share the same reality as the rest of us.

This is the Biden administration’s new strategy.

In a Friday morning address to discuss the May jobs numbers, Biden said that more Americans are carrying less debt while their savings are up. He added that according to a recent survey from the Federal Reserve shows that more Americans feel “financially comfortable” than at any time since the survey began.

Good grief! How is that possible? When did they start the survey, March 2022?

Seriously… What world is this guy living in?

Is this your financial picture right now?

In a slightly longer clip, you can see that Biden is desperately trying to tout the economic “wins” of his administration without acknowledging that the reason that the economy is rebounding is because of governments (mostly Democrats) forcing closures and stifling the economy since March 2020.

Do you think the President’s gaslighting will work?

An article in Forbes shows just how out-of-touch the President and his team of staffers are on what average Americans are dealing with.

But consumers’ confidence slipped slightly in May as did their expectations of the short-term future for income, business, and labor conditions, by the Conference Board’s ongoing measurements. And the latest Forbes Advisor-Ipsos Consumer Confidence Biweekly Tracker shows that as Americans’ job security confidence and employment outlook were up, respondents’ expectations for their own financial futures slipped from two weeks before.

(Emphasis added)

The article continues by comparing the mood to the early scenes in a horror movie where it seems like everything is fine on the surface but there is “some sense of dread and slowly but inexorably perceptions move from sunny to cloudy and perhaps even to stormy.”

It continues to show the opposite of what Biden claimed in his brief appearance before the cameras.

The [U.S. Bureau of Economic Advisors] estimates of savings rates—percentage of disposable income that goes into personal savings—have drifted down from 6% in January 2022 to 5.9% in February, 5% in March, and just 4.4% in April’s. Banks have been seeing huge increases in credit card debt: seasonally adjusted annual rate up 10.2% in January and then 17.3% in February, 29.5% in March, and 31.6% in April, according to the Federal Reserve…

Outside the ranks of professional politicians and economists, many, if not most, people face increasing difficulty making ends meet, with inflation twisting their arms. They’re doing as they often have in the past, burning through savings and getting into debt, with the hope that conditions shortly will turn around.

Yes, consumers are spending more. Perhaps because inflation has made everything more expensive. Food prices continue to grow, as is clear when you shop for groceries and notice that the average cost per bag that leaves the store with you is unusually high. Real average earnings, what people make after inflation, dropped by 2.6% year over year in April.

(Emphasis added)

The thing is, quite often, the Average Joe who is seeing the costs go up and their paychecks not keeping pace can see the warning signs before the crisis.

Average consumers aren’t deliberately analytical, but they have a common sense understanding of how their personal economics is feeling pressure. They catch the hint of ominous music suggesting danger ahead, around a shadowed corner. In that sense, their gut feel is far ahead of what the professional number crunchers see, or maybe what they’re willing to admit.
Source: Forbes (Emphasis added)

Democrats seem to think that you’re stupid and want you to believe them instead of your own lying eyes… or your dwindling savings and credit card debt.

You can watch the President slur through his brief appearance here:

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