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Here’s 9 Bizarre Moments From Clueless Joe’s Trip To Israel (VIDEO)

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It was weird from the moment that he stepped out of Air Force One.

1. Fistbumps, No Handshakes

Although Biden wasn’t wearing a face diaper, the Forever Pandemic was still front and center in his insistence on “fist-bumping” instead of shaking hands.

So the guy that, due to his age, is at high risk for hospitalization and death is refusing to shake hands, but is getting up-close and personal, and backslapping a number of people? Alrighty then.

2. Clueless Joe is Lost

It’s pretty obvious that he heavily relies on handlers to tell him what to do, where to go, and what to say when he’s in the United States — heck, they do that when he’s in the fake White House sound stage. It seems to be the same when he’s on foreign soil.

3. The Return of Creepy Joe

Smarmy Joe turns on his “charm” by joking about his disappointment at not being permitted to follow a female Israeli servicemember.

Well, we expect Creepy Joe to be Creepy Joe… but what happened to all that jogging and running up the stairs to show how fit he was in 2020? It’s pretty clear that the man can barely walk now.

4. Gaffe Machine Joe “Honors” the Holocaust

Sure, this was an example of someone misspeaking, but hoo-boy was this one an awful clip to have going around.

Yes, he did correct himself, but still! If he was a Republican, it would be splashed all over the news and you’d be gaslit if you said he corrected himself. If you don’t believe that, then just take a look at the transcript of Trump’s 2017 “Very Fine People” comments that have been completely distorted by the Regime Media from the moment that they were said. Another example would be the claim that Trump told people to drink or inject bleach to fight the coronavirus.

5. Handshakes, No Fistbumps

Remember how the Biden admin said that there were going to be no handshakes because of the forever pandemic? Well, someone forgot to remind Joe.

6. Confused Joe Needs Direction

At an event with Israeli President Isaac Herzog, President Biden seems confused about where he’s supposed to go and again shuffles along.

7. “Mr. President”

Biden kept calling Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid “Mr. President.”

You know what we call those new relationships in the region that Biden is slurring about? The Abraham Accords.

8. Diplomacy vs. A “Big Stick”

When it comes to Iran, the current U.S. government and the Israeli governments are on completely different pages.

9. Sickly Joe

Here is Biden at a Jerusalem hospital saying that he had a terrible headache and then coughing several times.

Gee, maybe he should’ve been a bit more cautious with all those handshakes, fistbumps, and backslapping. Because according to Democrats, it’s your fault if you contract an airborne respiratory virus.

This trip went about as well as you’d expect from a guy who is apparently suffering mental decline and wasn’t all that bright to begin with.

The worst part about it is that his decline has been obvious for some time. The Regime Media knew Biden wasn’t the same guy he was when he was Obama’s Veep, but called any question of the physical or mental fitness of a man in his late 70s an “attack” and “ageism.”

But they all knew. They just thought that he was a better option than the Bad Orange Man that they despised, so they covered for him and didn’t push back when his handlers cut off interviews suddenly.

Here is CNN’s Don Lemon back in June saying that he noticed when he interviewed Biden prior to the 2020 election that Biden “has trouble sometimes connecting, and his answers sometimes don’t make sense.” Lemon then questioned if Biden had the “mental and physical stamina to run again as president of the United States” in 2024.

Convenient that this is coming out now that the Biden-Harris policies are failing on every front and the President and Vice President are as popular as a colonoscopy and a root canal, respectively.

The Regime Media knows that Biden just can’t manage the presidency for another term, and the country certainly can’t handle it, so they’re pivoting away from him.

Just realize what is happening — Democrat policies are being implemented and failing in the same way that Joe Biden’s mental accuity is failing, and we can all see it.

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