HOUSE INTELLIGENCE: Your DNA Tests Could Be Weaponized Into Highly-Targeted Bio-Weapons

Written by Wes Walker on July 25, 2022

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As China knows all-too-well, there is more than one kind of warfare, and they have been pretty open about their intentions of taking our place as world’s top super-power.

You can be quite sure that their intentions of any Empire they might seek would be anything but ‘benign’. They like the fight and they don’t care about playing fair.

Bribe, blackmail, or steal, they have been quietly building their empire by piggybacking on their competitors’ advancements. In their system, there is no sharp distinction between the role of private companies, the Communist government, and the military.

If the CCP decides they want access to information held by a Chinese Company, they get it. If there is a military application to that information, it is passed along to their military. That was why there was so much concern about the secrecy around the Level 4 Wuhan Lab.

That brings us to a whole other kind of information China has been given access to, in processing our DNA samples for companies like 23andMe.

At the Aspen Security Forum last week, US Rep Jason Crow (D-CO) had some dire words of warning in a panel discussing various kinds of emerging threats America should be ready for.

It began with discussing the implications of readily-available drone technology being a threat both on the battlefield, and to cause various kinds of domestic disruptions at home, moved to a conversation about the increased threat of chemical warfare both by terrorists and state actors, the conversation turned to the technical expertise that has grown out of advanced DNA research.

If you have someone’s DNA profile (like the kinds that might be accessed in any medical tests outsourced to foreign companies), you have a high-level understanding of someone’s medical profile and could theoretically customize an attack that might only kill or incapacatate a single targeted person.

From there he went on to talk about the broader implications of that type of technology.

He explained that it would be possible to customize a threat to specific animals or crops critical to our food chain and use food insecurity as a weapon.

With a strategy like that, hunger could be leveraged against an enemy not unlike the days of siege warfare.

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