HUNTER’S LAPTOP: Why Did Hunter Have Private Numbers Of SO Many US & Chinese Officials?

Written by Wes Walker on July 4, 2022

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The information the press tried so hard to blow off as ‘Russian Disinformation’ sure is turning up a lot of shady stuff. You’d think the press would take an interest by now.

While the Jan 6 inquiry is working overtime to convince the American Public that hearsay delivered in a kangaroo court without cross-examiniation should forever disqualify Trump from high office, very suspicious dots keep getting connected with respect to the Biden family’s blurring of their political and business connections.

Remember when Hunter said that if his last name were not Biden, he’d probably not have gotten most of the business opportunities he got? That may be the single most honest statement we’ve heard from anyone named Biden in a very long time.

The latest revelation from that data trove from Hunter’s laptop is the phone numbers that someone whose business life, we were told was, completely separate from any of Biden’s political connections.

For a family that has such deep business ties with China, isn’t it a little odd that Hunter has direct phone numbers to so many influential people?

Hunter Biden’s hard drive contained an enviable lineup of contacts for top US officials tasked with overseeing the US-China relationship, and at least 10 senior Google executives — raising new questions about the extent to which Joe Biden’s well-connected son could have leveraged his connections for personal profit, The Post has learned.

Many of the top-level government officials would have been in position to help Hunter Biden’s business aspirations in China during father’s term as vice president from 2008 to 2016. Throughout that period, he infamously looked to capitalize from his family name and connections — often while his father conducted sensitive state business.

As for the Google braintrust, one former exec there told The Post that Hunter Biden sought the tech giant’s cash for Chinese ventures, and that several of the company’s bigwigs wound up working for the Obama-Biden administration during his father’s vice presidency.

Among the names and personal cell phone numbers of the dozens of government officials and federal employees found in the infamous laptop Hunter Biden abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop in April 2019: John Kerry and Max Baucus, who served as Secretary of State and U.S. Ambassador to China, respectively, during the Biden vice presidency. The Post reached Kerry’s answering machine when it called the number listed in the laptop. Baucus had a Chinese phone number listed and The Post was unable to reach him.

  • 10 Google bigwigs.
  • Ambassador to China.
  • Sec State.

The Biden administration’s cozy relationship with Big Tech takes on a whole other look now, doesn’t it? Maybe they aren’t the ‘independent private company’ their censorship defenders would have claimed.

Also on that list:

  • Thomas Parker, a special advisor to the vice president for national security affairs
  • Sarah E. Kemp, who served as a commercial counselor at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing
  • Patrick Mulloy, former commissioner of the United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission

Nah, nothing to see here. Probably a perfectly good explanation for that.

No reason to reflect back on Hunter’s own panicked words recorded in his own voice: Audio: Hunter’s Representation Of The ‘F**king Spy Chief Of China’ … Is That News?

Pay no attention to the dual-use technology company sale that Hunter helped facilitate to China while his dad was Veep:

“[BHR] was buying companies that were involved in America’s high-tech sector, and companies that had dual-use technologies [with both] civilian applications and military applications,” Schweizer noted. “Henniges produces precision-tuned anti-vibration technologies.”

The Chinese government’s acquisition of Henniges “required the approval of the Obama administration” and “Hunter Biden’s help,” added Schweizer, “and lo and behold, the Obama administration gave them exactly that approval.” — Breitbart

Nah, that 10% cut for ‘the Big Guy’ — which their former business associate said was none other than a reference to Joe Biden himself — is probably nothing, right?

Never mind that the cries ‘Manchurian Candidate’ would be echoed on both sides of the aisle by now if such evidence were massed against a Republican president, instead of the penny-ante bullcrap they keep flinging against the Trump in hopes that something sticks.

But nope. The mention of Hunter’s laptop elicits your standard toddler-like fingers-in-ears la-la-la response from the left. And that goes double for their lapdog media.

This would be a really big story if the media weren’t so deathly afraid of hurting their own team.

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