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OK, GROOMER: School Board Director Offers ‘Sex Ed’ Classes For 9-12 Yr Olds At Her Sex Shop

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Topics will include “the science of puberty”, “gender and sexual identity”, “sexual anatomy for pleasure”, “kinds of solo and partnered sexual activities”, and “safer sex practices for all kinds of sexual activities.”

Geez! If they don’t want to be called “groomers” then they should really stop acting like groomers.

Conservative radio host Jason Rantz reports on the strange, strange things that happen in the Libtopia of Seattle, Washington.

Rantz recently reported on Bellingham School Board Director Jenn Mason hosting sex ed events for children at the “sex-positive” sex shop that she owns.

Jenn Mason is a sex educator and owner of WinkWink, which bills itself as an all-ages, “identity-inclusive sex shop” in Bellingham. In addition to the sex products, Mason offers 50-minute sex coaching sessions. She’s also the school board director for the Bellingham School District.

Mason announced four, three-hour sex-education classes at her boutique. They are broken down into two groups, one for kids 9-12 years old and the other for teens 13-17 years old. But many of the topics seem inappropriate for young children.

Titled “Uncringe Academy,” the goal is “helping young people to feel comfortable around these topics so that they can advocate for their own bodies, health, and well-being.”

The website lists the topics covered:

  • Healthy relationships and relationship models
  • The science of puberty
  • Consent and communication
  • Gender and sexual identities
  • Sexual anatomy for pleasure and reproduction
  • What IS sex? Kinds of solo and partnered sexual activities
  • Safer sex practices for all kinds of sexual activities
  • The ethics and realities of sexualized media and pornography

While Mason insists that some of the more overtly sexual content will be reserved for teens, it’s unclear how the classes will be age-appropriate when most of the topics seem rather explicit.

Rantz notes that Mason defines sex rather nebulously…

“While some people think of sex as only being when a penis goes in a vagina, ‘sex’ can really be any activity that a person does with themselves or others to become aroused,” she said. “There’s no such thing as ‘real’ sex and it’s okay if your definition of sex is different from someone else’s.”
Source: 770 KTTH

It’s a pretty big red flag that these classes are being conducted inside a sex shop — even if the graphic sex toys and accoutrements are hidden from the view of children.

Rantz also notes that Mason is not holding these seminars for kids as a School Board Director, but as a small business owner.

While Mason doesn’t have specific educational training on adolescent sexuality but told Rantz that she “worked for a decade at a rape crisis center where she developed, oversaw, and delivered ‘consent and healthy relationships workshops’ to thousands of students in middle and high schools.”

She added that she is a “certified sex educator through the American College of Sexologists, is a certified sex coach through the Sexology Institute, and a certified sexual assault victim advocate.”

Rantz recently appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss the story:

This isn’t the first time that Mason made headlines for hosting an event aimed at children at her sex shop. Back in May, she hosted a “Queer Youth Open Mic” for kids “0 to 18 years old.”

The sex shop isn’t living up to its promise to be “inclusive, never creepy.” This event is inappropriately inclusive, and extremely creepy.

Having kids present in a sex shop is bizarre enough. Hosting an open mic for kids as young as 10-months-old is nonsensical. Pretending that a 9-year-old is “queer” is delusional.

In an email to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH, Mason said this event is unrelated to her school board role and that the space would be “physically separated” from the area with graphic sex toys. The school district said it does not endorse this event.

“As this is a public event at a private business, anyone uncomfortable with the location may choose to not attend,” Mason explained.
Source: 770 KTTH

Mason hosts other events at her shop to create a “sex-positive” culture that are definitely not for kids such as private parties with classes on “The Fine Art of Fellatio,” “Sex Toys 101,” “CLITeracy Skills,” and “Feeling Myself: Self-Pleasure Pointers” as well as workshops like “Non-monogamy for newbies.”

This is the person that thinks she knows what is and is not age-appropriate sex education and is the Director of the Bellingham School Board?!

If this isn’t a reason to homeschool your kids, I’m not sure what is.

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