SRI LANKA: Where The ‘Little People’ Pushed Back Against The Elites’ Agendas (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on July 11, 2022

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While some are waking up to the uprisings in Sri Lanka, many of the people who most need to be paying attention are missing the lessons that need to learned from their mistakes.

Our media loves to frame the riot on Jan 6 as if it was an ‘insurrection’. But when you take a step back and compare that to what’s going on in places like Sri Lanka, the simplistic nature of those super-serious talking points becomes obvious.

Sri Lanka showed the world what an insurrection looked like. Here are the crowds of people in the streets…

Here is their President fleeing the city…

The people stormed the Presidential palace…

Made themselves at home inside…

There were conflicting reports about whether some portion of the palace was set ablaze. The President, seeing the writing on the wall, has indicated he will resign.

What went so terribly wrong that the President was chased out like a fugitive? Simple. It’s the same wrong-headed issue that is driving the Dutch farmers to protest there: real-world consequences of The Green Agenda.

Make no mistake: The roots of this chaos can be traced to Rajapaksa’s wrong-headed thinking on farming. In his 2019 manifesto, he pledged to transform Sri Lanka into an ‘organic’ nation within a decade – reducing and eventually banning chemical fertilisers, herbicides and insecticides.

It’s a pledge that would probably win votes here, too. Who wouldn’t, in principle, want a greener future, free of nasty chemicals? But the trade-off, as Sri Lanka learnt the hard way, is food production tumbling over a cliff. For them, going green meant going hungry.

…Any rational government would have abandoned the pledge to hobble agriculture with eco-strictures. But Rajapaksa doubled down, announcing in April last year a total and immediate ban on fertiliser, to the outrage of Sri Lanka’s two million farmers. He was lauded by the world’s pampered eco-dignitaries at Glasgow’s Cop26 conference that November, feted as a green torch-bearer for developing nations, receiving warm praise and Covid-friendly elbow bumps in every corridor.

…There was only one problem: farmers couldn’t produce the yields they needed.

Sri Lanka feeds itself with rice. In the six months following the fertiliser ban, domestic production collapsed by 20 per cent, while prices rose 50 per cent. The tea crop was also devastated: the country’s most important export, and from which the lost revenue outweighed any savings made by not importing fertilisers.

What started as a dream that Prince Charles, with his organic Duchy estate, would surely approve of turned into a sorry mess of over-tilled soils, empty supermarket shelves and the hungry bellies of Sri Lanka’s poorest. —DailyMail

In other words, the real-world consequence of pushing the green agenda so beloved by the Davos crowd who have never missed a meal in their lives is the ‘food insecurity’ (or speaking plainly: starvation) of the people least able to endure such artificially-engineered price shocks.

Sure the left got what they wanted with price of fuel going way up.

But they never accounted for what that would do to starving people in developing nations.

And why would they have?

When have concerns about possible secondary consequences of their authoritarian instincts EVER made them think twice about pushing their agendas forward?

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